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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-11-01, 21:15)robertus Wrote: i don't understand why, but on my rpi3 i have a random reboot.

I update from KODI 14 Helix from KODI 17.

Kodi 16 ( last milhouse builds ) is already in beta and i don't know how is possible that there is kodi 17 and 16 in in beta...

The latest LibreELEC builds here are based on Kodi 17 Beta 6, as this is the version at the tip of the Kodi master tree.

Kodi 16 has reached end of line status and is no longer actively developed.

(2016-11-01, 21:15)robertus Wrote: anyway with this, i have a black screen when i leave it untouched for some hours and needed to turn off and on rpi.

Someone can help me? i need to attach logs?

I would suggest a clean install rather than upgrades, particularly when upgrading from such an old version as Kodi 14.

You can find official LibreELEC 7 images (Kodi 16 based) on the LibreELEC download page, and use to create a clean install.

There are also official LibreELEC 8 Alpha builds (Kodi 17 based) available from here which you can install as an image (ie clean install).

Once you are running either LibreELEC 7 or LibreELEC 8 Alpha, you should be able to upgrade without any issues to the latest of these test builds.

As for logs, just the usual - see note #9 in the first post.
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