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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-11-03, 16:01)mazeeff Wrote: Does anyone have an update on this issue? It occurs 100% of the time on my system, with both Estuary and Estuary MOD. It also shows up when using the new Beta 8 release. Beta 7 works fine. I see where Milhouse posted a bug report with the Estuary team, but no one seems to have an answer. The Estuary MOD team seems confused as well. Are we sure that this is a skin issue?

This was bothering me last night, actually, so I did some testing.

I see it on a NUC, so it's nothing to do with newclock5 patches, and not RPi specific.

I dropped all unmerged patches (both for Kodi core, and Estuary, so essentially building only plain Kodi master) and I still saw the stuck seek overlay in LibreELEC on NUC, yet can't reproduce this on Ubuntu (timing issue, perhaps?)

Interesting that you see it in Estuary MOD, which further suggests this isn't a new skin issue being introduced by LibreELEC patches as these builds do nothing with Estuary MOD.

I also tested with a "clean" .kodi - no extra addons, all default settings - but still see this issue.

Going back through old builds today and it first appears in build #1015.

Reverting PR10707 seems to fix the issue and I no longer see the stuck seek overlay in a new NUC test build.

I'll drop PR10707 from tonight's build as a one-off test.
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