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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-11-21, 01:19)Aux_ Wrote: But I have other question, I had already noticed that after a build update the refresh rate of the image changes sometimes from 50fps to 59.94fps and by itself. Is that normal?

Yes it may be. Kodi constantly measures the framerate and if it believes it doesn't match the display and "adjust display refresh rate to match video" is enabled it will switch refresh rate.
It may do this multiple times in a file.

Typically it won't do this for a correctly encoded file, but if a file is actually 29.97Hz, but header says 25Hz then kodi will start at 50Hz and switch to 59.94Hz after a number of seconds.
Similarly if someone has been concatenating videos of different framerates together, then the refresh rate will change when the change is detected.

If you believe the refresh rate changes are incorrect, then a debug log (wiki) and ideally a sample file would be the way forward.

You mention "after a build update". I don't believe anything has changed for some time that would affect this. If you can identify the first build where you believe the behaviour has changed we can have a closer look at the commits.
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