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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-06-26, 11:12)fritsch Wrote:
Quote:CPU: Cherry Trail x5 Z8300

Be happy, that you have sound at all. This cripled devices use a ~ 1000 lines custom patch we picked so that buyers of this cheap of the cheap windows only boxes have sound at all. You can help upstream by stopping kodi and finding out which channels are wrong, by using speaker-test -c6 and speaker-test -c8 with the relevant device.

Thanks for the response, fritsch, I understand about having sound at all, I did some serious ready after I fist tried to get linux happening on these boxes, but as far as cheap goes, these are more expensive than the myriad of Arm based boxes floating about, I originally purchased these as I wanted very low power Windows + Kodi + Steam Streaming machines as my expensive HTPC's are huge power hogs and I have 5 different setups in my home, each using 100+ watt, I gave up on Windows as its way to slow and problematic on these crappy little intel rigs, and Steam Big Picture kills any chance of streaming games efficiently, now that I have moved over to Libreelec and ditched windows, I would be better off with quality ARM based device's but unfortunately I have already got 5 of these BT3's now, and I must say, I am really impressed with both Openelec and Libreelec, they are so fast to boot and operate over the Windows Kodi on these boxes.

I will be happy to run the speaker test commands for you, but I have no idea how to invoke a terminal on the box itself, I have also tried to SSH into it, but I get "connection refused" in my mac terminal, I have looked through the settings on the box and I can find anything to enable/disable SSH, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Okay, I figured out how to enable SSH, and I have completed the sound test for C6 only as this setup has 5.1 only, I have another setup with 7.1 and I will get results when I have the time as that system is not online at the moment.


Front Left = Front Left
Centre = Rear Left
Front Right = Front Right
Rear Left = Centre
Rear Right = LFE
LFE = Rear Right

fritsch, if there is anything else you think I should post, let me know and I will do what I can to help, cheers

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