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Full Version: LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
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NOTICE: This thread has run its course - see this thread for LibreELEC Kodi 18 builds where testing continues.

Kodi "master" is now based on Krypton, or Kodi 17. See this thread for Kodi 16 (Jarvis) testbuilds. See this thread for old OpenELEC Kodi 17 builds.

Fair Warning

Kodi 17 is currently beta and there is likely to be a lot of activity in the coming weeks/months. There will be some breakage.

In addition, these are "bleeding edge" builds - they often contain cherry-picked commits that require early testing prior to merging upstream, and which won't be found in regular nightlies until after they have been merged.

25 Oct 2016: Please continue to report issues in this thread, but as I'm often not responsible for bugs and regressions (unless it's build related) don't expect personal replies or for me to file any upstream bug reports on your behalf. The best you can hope for is that the developer responsible is monitoring this thread and responds appropriately. If you want to progress an issue, identify when the issue first appeared as that may help suggest the pull request (PR) responsible, then post a comment on the relevant github PR or - if it's VideoPlayer related, or you don't know which PR is responsible - on trac.kodi.tv.

Skin Usage

By all means use third party skins with these builds (if the skins are compatible), but please do not report problems that cannot be reproduced while using the stock Estuary skin that is included with every build.

If a problem is not reproducible with stock Estuary then it's most likely to be a third-party skin problem, in which case contact the skin maintainer.


You need a working system in order to install a test build. If you are starting from scratch, use an official LibreELEC disk image to create a working system. Once you have a working system, install the test build by copying the tar file into your Update folder and reboot.

Recent builds (see next post for older builds):
  • #1129, 29-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (kodi-theme-Estuary: updated default background colour (and other changes))
  • #1128, 28-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (New Chorus2 web interface; added pvr.octonet add-on; added Synaptics touchpad driver)
  • #1127, 27-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.11 kernel; ffmpeg: update to 3.1.6-Krypton-Beta6; inpustream.adaptive replaces mpd and smoothstream)
  • #1126, 26-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: change time parameter of SeekTime from int to double; ffmpeg: update to 3.1.5-Krypton-Beta6)
  • #1125, 25-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Merge /usr; official LE setttings icon Estuary skin support (known issue: currently two icons))
  • #1124, 24-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump systemd 232; bump Python 2.7.12)
  • #1123, 23-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Estuary 2nd edition)
  • #1122, 22-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.10 kernel; cmake fixes)
  • #1121, 21-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix ARCH and CPU with cmake (PR:768))
  • #1120, 20-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Switch kodi build to cmake; fix PVR subfolders)
  • #1119, 19-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.9 kernel)
  • #1118, 18-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump bluez to 5.43; change Samba allocation roundup size, enable strict allocation)
  • #1117, 17-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix RTMP-related crash)
  • #1116, 16-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump to gcc-6.2.0, update libressl - this will break some addons; new tzdata and tzcode packages)
  • #1115, 15-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.8 kernel; PVR.FilmOn fix)
  • #1114, 15-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1113, 13-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.7 kernel)
  • #1112, 12-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1111, 11-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (busybox tar fix)
  • #1110, 10-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump libva/libva-intel-driver 1.7.3; show pretty name in "Available Versions" listing)
  • #1109, 09-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1108, 08-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix right-to-left languages when displaying subtitles)
  • #1107, 07-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Revert LibreSSL bump)
  • #1106, 06-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (libass: update to 0.13.4; fix stuck Music overlay)
  • #1105b, 05-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (LibreSSL: update to 2.4.3; drop PR10819 and PR10800; restore PR10813)
  • #1104, 04-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump curl-7.51.0; fix numeric seek using SMS keys; revert [pkg] PR:10813 - fix for Hebrew subtitles?)
  • #1103, 03-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Drop PR10707 Seekhandler; Change texture loading to not block skin updates)
  • #1102, 02-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix epg update deadlock.; [python] Add xbmcgui.DialogBusy())
  • #1101, 01-Nov-2016: Generic -- Release post (Restore CherryTrail HDMI/Audio support in 4.8.6; update mesa-13.0.0, with Mako package; (Clean build))
  • #1031, 31-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.6 kernel (drop Valley View HDMI and Cherry Trail Audio commits); fix crash when caching images; avoid occasional systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service error on startup)
  • #1030, 30-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (fix hash checking in addon installer; MemoryAlignment: Fixes)
  • #1029, 29-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1028, 29-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 17 Beta6 development opens)
  • #1027, 27-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: update to 3.1.5-Krypton-Beta5-1; implement seeking with numeric input; fix zip addon installs)
  • #1026, 26-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (libcec 4.0.0)
  • #1025, 25-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 17 Beta5 development opens; libcec 3.2.0; Chris Wilson patch added to LE master; add some Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake support)
  • #1024, 24-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Updated p8-platform package; updated Database migration text)
  • #1023, 23-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.4 kernel; ffmpeg: ffmpeg-3.1.5-Krypton-Beta5; fix skin settings loading on skin reload; fix mem leaks)
  • #1022, 22-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Clean build.; enable integrated AC97 support with VIA chipsets)
  • #1021, 21-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1020, 20-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (New firmware; libnfs: Fix crash due to invalid contexts)
  • #1019, 19-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: ffmpeg, fix calculating aspect ratio for 3d modes; Change splash db upgrade logic)
  • #1018, 18-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Samba fixes; inputstream.mpd updates)
  • #1017, 17-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.2 kernel)
  • #1016, 16-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (openssh: UsePrivilegeSeparation/StrictModes not needed; fix cross-linked updates)
  • #1015, 16-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Controller fixes; aspect ratio fix; SQLite 3.15.0; reintroduce Chris Wilson patch; drop lcdproc)
  • #1014, 14-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1013, 13-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1012, 12-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (peripheral.joystick fixes; videoPlayer CDVDMessageQueue and first frame of new stream fixes)
  • #1011, 11-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Cherry Trail/Bay Trail audio support for 4.8 kernel; peripheral.joystick updates)
  • #1010, 11-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:828: xf86-video-nvidia: update to 367.57; fix relative seeks)
  • #1009, 09-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.1 kernel; VideoPlayer sync and seek updates; libnfs 1.11.0)
  • #1008, 08-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:10658: support reusing of CFile::m_pFile)
  • #1007, 07-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump settings - fix "About" text)
  • #1006, 06-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:807: Network: smb & ntfs config mods - possibly better performance)
  • #1005, 06-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.0 kernel; start of Kodi 17.0 beta4 cycle)
  • #1004, 04-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (Update libdrm to 2.7.1; enable DRI3 for Intel as the default)
  • #1003, 03-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix CPVRDirectory::GetDirectory not to return false in case PVR is not yet (compeletely started).)
  • #1002, 02-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:10610: Resolution: Don't let code assumption from before 2k break behaviour)
  • #1001, 01-Oct-2016: Generic -- Release post (libressl to 2.3.8)

Feature Requests:
I will not be adding extra add-hoc packages to these builds as that is not their purpose, which is to help test bug fixes and enhancements for existing features/packages/drivers in stock LibreELEC. New functionality may be included for testing purposes if it is considered both beneficial and highly likely to be merged upstream in the near future, and is available as a github pull request or commit.

I have no desire to create builds with unique features upon which someone becomes dependent, as this benefits nobody in the long term not even those using the unique features once I stop creating new builds. In theory, when I stop creating new builds you should all be able to seamlessly switch back to official LibreELEC builds which by then should be including most if not all of the enhancements originally tested in these builds.

If you care about long term support for your favourite package, feature or driver and want to see it included in an LibreELEC build, contact the LibreELEC developers on github or post on the LibreELEC.tv forum requesting the addition of support in the base LibreELEC build (or better yet, create a Pull Request with patch). That way everyone building or using an LibreELEC derived system "wins".

Additional Testing Notes:
  1. Build references

    When reporting issues, refer to builds using only the published build codes, ie. #0215, #0216 etc. The build code is visible on the boot screen, and by typing "lsb_release".

    Do NOT use any other reference, as these are often meaningless. For instance, the LibreELEC github revision identifier, 20272, 20281 etc. can be used by more than one build if nothing changes in LibreELEC between successive builds meaning such references could identify multiple builds, rendering it useless as a unique reference.

    Anyone using the wrong reference will be ignored by me, possibly others, as I'm just not interested in working out which build you may or may not be referring to.

  2. Usage information

    Starting with build #0529(2014), very limited usage information will be collected during the first boot of each newly installed build. The information collected is: build# and build type (Generic). No IP or personal information is collected!

    If you wish to opt out of data collection, run the following command:
    touch /storage/.config/milhouse.dnt
    The purpose of this data collection is really just to get an idea of how much testing is being carried out and on what hardware, and would otherwise be achieved via non-opt out server logs if such logs were available (which they're not).

  3. (Intentionally left blank)

  4. Builds since early Dec 2014 include crashlog support

    In the event of a crash, the file /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crashlog_<ccyymmddhhmmss>.log will be created. Upload this file to a paste site and post details on the forum.

    Debug builds are occasionally uploaded to the debug folder. Debug builds will usually include more detailed crashlog information, but require a larger System partition (at least 384MB) and more RAM.

    Use the following command to upload the most recent crashlog:
    paste $(ls -1art /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crashlog* | tail -1)

    Hint: Use the following command to create an alias named "crashlog" that can be used to upload always the latest crashlog file:
    echo "alias crashlog='paste $(ls -1art /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crashlog* | tail -1)'" >> /storage/.profile

  5. Resizing partitions for debug-enabled builds (or undersized partitions that result in "CHECKING SIZE: FAILED" errors)

    The default FAT partitition created by a disk-image installation (prior to OpenELEC 6.0.1) is too small for a debug-enabled build (and even some of the more experimental non-debug builds depending on what features are included), and will need to be increased in size to 512MB using some of the free space allocated to the second ext4 partition.

    To resize the FAT and ext4 partitions of an existing installation:
    • Linux: use gparted to resize FAT/ext4 partitions
    • Windows: use MiniTool Partition Wizard. See this post for more details - unfortunately partition move/resize is not supported by MiniTool for ext4 filesystems so backup, delete/recreate ext4, then restore to resize the Storage partition
    • Windows: An alternative solution is to boot a Linux "LiveCD" and then use gparted

    Starting with OpenELEC 6.0.1 (and all LE release) disk image installations will now create a 512MB FAT partition although this will wipe all existing data - use the backup/restore procedure to save existing data.

  6. Amazon Prime / inputstream.mpd
    These builds include the inputstream.mpd addon, which is enabled by default.

    With inputstream.mpd it is possible to view Amazon Prime content. To do so, you will need to install the libwidevinecdm.so library:
    curl -Ls http://nmacleod.com/public/libreelec/getwidevine.sh | bash

    Available Amazon Prime addons (valid Amazon Prime account required):


  7. LibreELEC Settings add-on Development Updates
    For these builds since #0612, enter a URL into a Custom Channel, selecting from the following URLs based on your hardware:
    RPi Zero/RPi1: http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/RPi
    RPi2/RPi3:     http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/RPi2
    Generic (x86): http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/Generic
    then select "Milhouse-8.0" as the Update Channel.

  8. Clean builds - what are they?
    There are two ways to build LE: a "clean" build, where everything (every package) is built from scratch - this takes 2.5 to 3 hours - or there's an "incremental" build where only the packages that have changed from the last build are re-built - this is much quicker, usually 10-15 minutes depending on the number of packages that have changed.

    Obviously "incremental" builds are the preferred method since they're so much quicker, however there are consequences when packages have inter-dependencies and only some of those packages are changed (and thus rebuilt) which may result in unpredictable results at run-time. For this reason, every now and again it's a good idea to "clean build". Also, when there are a large number of core packages being updated/bumped it's also a good idea to "clean build" since the likelihood/risk of inter-dependency is so much greater.

    I'll sometimes make a point of mentioning in the build highlights when a build is of the "clean build" variety, mainly so that I remember this if/when I come back to this build for any reason in another 6 months time... Note that I won't always do this as I'll sometimes forget to mention it, so the lack of any reference to "clean build" should not be taken as confirmation that the build is incremental.

  9. Uploading debug logs
    Without a debug log there's often no way to investigate a problem, and you can expect your bug report to be ignored as a result. This is the easiest way to upload a debug log:
    1. Enable debug logging. If this is not possible in the GUI (because Kodi is crashing) then add the following to /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml:
    2. Reboot, so that debug logging is in effect from the very start of Kodi
    3. Reproduce the problem
    4. Using ssh connect to LibreELEC (username: root, password: libreelec)
    5. Execute the command:
      cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | pastebinit
      then paste the resulting url to the forum
    Debug logging is enabled in Settings > System Settings > Logging > Enable debug log. Sometimes component-specific logging may be useful depending on the issue.

    Do NOT upload the log itself to the forum! Always us a pastebin-type site (or dropbox/googledrive if you have to compress the log).

  10. Odds and sods
    1. A selection of addons are available here
Previous builds:
  • #0930, 30-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.6 kernel; add xorg-radeon.conf to enable dri3 and glamor on pre-GCN hardware)
  • #0929, 30-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (llvm: build shared library; remove home screen info mapping from remote.xml; drop PR10544)
  • #0928, 28-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (FernetMenta: VideoPlayer: notify gui on speed changes from PR10581; ffmpeg: update to ffmpeg-3.1.4-Krypton-Beta3)
  • #0927, 28-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0926, 26-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia-legacy: update to 340.98; various PVR add-on fixes)
  • #0925, 25-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0924, 24-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.5 kernel; ffmpeg-3.1.3-Krypton-Beta3-2; revert PVR database fix due to crashing)
  • #0923, 24-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:760: rework cmake build system and adjust build variables (clean build); PR:10544: [pvr] attempt to fix crashing and general failure in ChannelExists())
  • #0922, 22-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (More libnfs updates; switch to basic kodi database update notification; peripheral.joystick udpated with linux as default provider)
  • #0921, 22-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (libnfs updates (mostly WIN32 related))
  • #0920, 20-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer exceptional keyframe fix; libnfs updates)
  • #0919, 19-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Move LibreELEC Settings addon button to Settings; linux: extra options for Baytrail and 32-bit EFI)
  • #0918, 18-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0917, 17-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Start of Kodi 17.0 beta3 cycle)
  • #0916, 16-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Drop mesa 12.1.0-devel; drop libdrm 2d00869; drop xf86-video-amdgpu 6a1ba04)
  • #0915b, 15-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.4 kernel; AE: fix mem leak in tempo filter; latest mesa 12.1.0-devel, libdrm)
  • #0914, 14-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Skin migration and addon compatibility checking)
  • #0913, 13-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Updated x86 firmware blobs (amdgpu, i915, radeon))
  • #0912, 13-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:10459: AE: CActiveAEResampleFFMPEG check for resampling being active before calling swr_set_compensation)
  • #0911, 11-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0910, 10-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (cmake change)
  • #0909, 10-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (CMake fixes; Estuary skin fixes; xf86-video-amdgpu: bump package instead of using patches)
  • #0908, 09-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (More cmake fixes; couple of AE fixes; xf86-video-amdgpu: Bump to head, update with RX460 and other hardware support)
  • #0907, 07-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.3 kernel; drop freetype package bump - fixes Chromium)
  • #0906, 06-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Various Kodi cmake changes; VideoPlayer fixes)
  • #0905, 06-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix stuttering playback in previous build (updated PR10400); enable lspcon support for GEN9 devices)
  • #0904, 04-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: fix for pixellated thumbnails; restore old CEC settings filename; llvm and various package updates (clean build); fix broken VAAPI hardware acceleration (and deinterlace modes); include mesa patch to fix memory leak)
  • #0903, 03-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix seeking about OOM fixes; drop udev from peripheral.joystick; fix for netradio crashes (PR10387); restore Chris Wilson patch)
  • #0902, 02-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Temporarily dropped Chris Wilson 8bpc patch)
  • #0901, 01-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post ([cmake] fix sse detection)
Previous builds:
  • #0831, 31-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (peripheral.joystick updates)
  • #0830, 30-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (DVDAudioCodecPassthrough - should prevent OOM while seeking with passthrough)
  • #0829, 29-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0828, 29-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: Bump to 3.1.3-Krypton-Beta3; fix Chris Wilson 8bpc patch)
  • #0827, 28-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Revert to ondemand governor from schedutil; fix for recordings window; VAAPI/VDPAU deinterlace fixes)
  • #0826, 26-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Revert to ondemand governor from schedutil; updated peripheral.joystick Deadzone settings; Intel: Chris Wilson patch to avoid using higher bitdepths than required)
  • #0825, 25-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (AESinkPULSE: Try to resolve channel layout)
  • #0824, 24-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (PVR fixes; skin migration and addon compatibility checking; xf86-video-nvidia: update to 367.44)
  • #0823, 24-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.2 kernel)
  • #0822, 22-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (peripheral.joystick v1.2.0)
  • #0821, 21-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump to Kodi 17.0 beta2 (start of Beta2 development))
  • #0820, 21-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Updated tvheadend42 with easier way to create debug trace logs)
  • #0819, 19-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (PVR and VideoPlayer fixes; BayTrail/CherryTrail HDMI audio support)
  • #0818, 18-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0817, 17-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0816, 16-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0815, 15-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Estuary skin sync. Fix seek label)
  • #0814, 14-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (drm/i915: Fixes and diagnostics for Braswell)
  • #0813, 13-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (PVR/EPG fixes; PAPlayer pause fix; VideoPlayer sync fixes; Disable/Enable VAAPI/VDPAU depending on Intel/non-Intel GPU detection (updated PR:573))
  • #0812, 12-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0811, 11-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Restore Intel limited range support, with limited range now the default for Intel GPUs)
  • #0810, 11-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0809, 09-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: Bump to 3.1.2-Krypton-Beta1 (6da2f5f))
  • #0808, 08-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post ((Clean build); minors)
  • #0807, 07-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: Bump to 3.1.1-Krypton-Beta1 (fixes bugs/issues with mp3, and HLS streaming); Estuary skin sync)
  • #0806, 06-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix "route add" error with OpenVPN; stop enabling peripheral.* addons at startup)
  • #0805, 05-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer fixes)
  • #0804, 04-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (curl: bump 7.50.1 (same as kodi); fix appliance.xml - webserver enabled by default; VAAPI: Use VAAPI's BOB implementation by default)
  • #0803, 03-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:10216 and PR:10222)
  • #0802b, 02-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (More libcec updates; inputstream.mpd & smoothstream updates; #0802b: PR:10217: [linux] fix datadir (KODI_HOME) detection)
  • #0801, 01-Aug-2016: Generic -- Release post (libcec udpates; fix handling of progressive content in RenderManager (possible cause of green screens))
  • #0731, 31-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 17 Beta 1; reorganise Library Settings; fix removal of cached files in archive_cache (PR10206); drop Intel tear-free, triple buffer, passhtrough and limited-range commits)
  • #0730, 30-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix remote control buttons broken in build #0729; fix for remote control autorepeat; Estuary: Various updates including screenshot previews; replace "CodecInfo" button/key mapping with "PlayerDebug")
  • #0729, 29-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Revert season-all thumb change; AE: add atempo filter)
  • #0728, 28-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0727, 27-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix recordings resume playback context menu handling)
  • #0726, 26-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0725, 25-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.0 kernel; drop PR10164 AE: add atempo filter; drop freetype bump from PR:555)
  • #0724, 24-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (AE: add atempo filter; PlayerProcessInfo dialog; fix seeklabel)
  • #0723, 23-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:10157: [WIP] Double the backslash in mysql in case we're in 'LIKE')
  • #0722, 22-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.mpd updated)
  • #0721, 21-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump mysql, busybox, bluez and many many more; revert PR10130 for now; inputstream.mpd & smoothstream updates; GLX: fix vsync for glXSwapIntervalMESA)
  • #0720, 20-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (New VideoDB schema v107)
  • #0719, 19-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (connman: bump to 1.33)
  • #0718, 18-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Dropped ADSP addons; don't unmount /storage or /flash on shutdown)
  • #0717, 17-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Various Kodi cleanups; addons screenshot support)
  • #0716, 16-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (AE: fix resetting rr to 1.0)
  • #0715, 15-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump (non-legacy) nvidia driver to latest 367.35; updated database migration message)
  • #0714, 14-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Allow lirc to process event codes >= 256)
  • #0713, 13-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Update ffmpeg 3.1.1 commit; display progress information during database migrations)
  • #0712, 12-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7-rc7 kernel; added upgrade check to prevent users upgrading to incompatible versions)
  • #0711, 11-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (PVR and ADSP change)
  • #0710, 10-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0709, 09-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump mesa 12.0.1; update Intel CPU firmware)
  • #0708, 08-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Updated inputstream.mpd 1.1.8)
  • #0707, 07-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0706, 06-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix Titan "modern_rounded" buttons issue)
  • #0705, 05-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (libnfs update; RTL8812AU update)
  • #0704, 04-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7-rc6 kernel; libbluray: bump 0.9.3 (with Nevcairiel's 3D ISO additions); PR:511: Revert "lirc: add lircd-uinput service")
  • #0703, 03-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg 3.1.1)
  • #0702, 03-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Updated inputstream.mpd)
  • #0701, 01-Jul-2016: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 17.0alpha3)
Previous builds:
  • #0630, 30-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (New Kodi splash for Alphas; updated ffmpeg 3.1 with fixes for DVD menus)
  • #0629, 29-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Revert kernel commit that is causing auto-repeat issues; update with latest ffmpeg/3.1-xbmc commits)
  • #0628, 28-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.6.3 kernel)
  • #0627, 27-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:10036: [PVR] Guide window: Fix timer icon issues (trac #16621))
  • #0626, 26-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (FFmpeg 3.1 with minimal Kodi commits/patches)
  • #0625, 25-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (gcc: update to 5.4.0; drop "3dlut and simple ICC linking support for color correction" (PR9731) due to conflict with ADSP)
  • #0624, 24-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix webserver (iOS, Yatse issues etc.))
  • #0623, 24-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump ffmpeg 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2+HEAD; ffmpeg rework package; fix JSON IMDB ratings/votes (PR:10020))
  • #0622, 22-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (libnfs updates)
  • #0621, 21-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Re-introduce color correction PR after rebase)
  • #0620, 20-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (ADSP add-ons included in build)
  • #0619, 19-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump lirc to 0.9.4)
  • #0618, 18-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.mpd updates)
  • #0617, 17-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (New VideoDB schema v106)
  • #0616, 16-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0615, 15-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Drop lirc bump added in #0614)
  • #0614, 14-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix for Settings add-on Update procedure; lirc: update to 0.9.4; package updates: curl, llibmicrohttpd, libirman, libressl, xkeyboard-config, xf86-input-evdev, mesa, xf86-video-intel; xf86-video-nvidia: update to 367.27)
  • #0613, 13-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: stop clock while display is lost)
  • #0612, 12-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Move RTMP support to inputstream.add-on; fix "Save" button when editing network connections; add support for development updates in LibreELEC Settings add-on)
  • #0611, 11-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0610, 10-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer additions; PR:9731: [WIP] 3dlut and simple ICC linking support for color correction)
  • #0609, 09-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Estuary skin update)
  • #0608, 08-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.6.2 kernel; drop Intel modesetting)
  • #0607, 07-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: switch back to Kodi method of counting CPUs; videoPlayer: keep value of m_vSyncAdjust on Discontinuity)
  • #0606, 06-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (Reinstate DVD support)
  • #0605, 05-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO/disk playback remains temporarily disabled; Kodi fixes; PR:9915: Default Scale for HQ scaling above)
  • #0604, 04-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO/disk playback remains temporarily disabled; new VideoDB schema v105; bay Trail and Cherry Trail audio support)
  • #0603, 03-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO/disk playback remains temporarily disabled; new 4.6.1 kernel; libnfs fixes)
  • #0602, 02-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO/disk playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0601, 01-Jun-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO/disk playback remains temporarily disabled; gcc, python, systemd, mysql updates (clean build))
  • #0531, 31-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO/disk playback remains temporarily disabled; do not decode eia_608 subtitles; mesa: update to 12.0.0-rc1)
  • #0530, 30-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO/disk playback remains temporarily disabled; libnfs update)
  • #0529, 29-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD ISO playback remains temporarily disabled; VideoPlayer fixes)
  • #0527, 27-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0526, 26-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; drop Roby77 vblank patch)
  • #0525, 25-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; fix nvidia high CPU load while rendering)
  • #0524, 24-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0523b, 24-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; bumped xf86-video-nvidia to 361.42; #0523b: Updated xf86-video-nvidia with modesetting fix; #0523b: patch: drm/i915/ilk: Wait one vblank before enabling audio)
  • #0522, 22-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; systemd: update to 230; PR:9862: PluginDirectory - avoid BusyDialog if not called by main thread)
  • #0521, 21-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; PR:381: splash: Select splash image based on native resolution)
  • #0520, 20-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; bump MySQL client library to 5.7.12; bump eventlircd; PR:9847: [PVR] Feature: Make instant recording behavior configurable; drm/i915: Extend Fake HDMI live status to Valley View)
  • #0519, 19-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; updated LibreELEC Settings add-on - now Estuary compliant; HSW fix)
  • #0518, 18-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; fix cmake after PR9750; BSW fix; VAAPI fix)
  • #0517, 17-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; new 4.6.0 kernel; libnfs pagecache)
  • #0516, 17-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; clean build. Update various packages; change aspect ratio of 1024 LE splash image; add bilinear scaling to LE splash; allow watched items to be hidden)
  • #0515, 15-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; inputstream.mpd updates, now with 1080p support)
  • #0514, 14-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0513, 13-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0512, 12-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0511, 11-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; PR:9795: fixed: Caching of quasi-internet streams like webdav was broken; PR:9794: Use separators from language addon)
  • #0510, 10-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0509, 09-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; new 4.6.0-rc7 kernel; updated PR9778, should fix remaining add-on issues)
  • #0508, 08-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; fix for YouTube, Quasar and TuneIn add-on hangs)
  • #0507, 07-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0506, 06-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0505, 05-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; new 4.6.0-rc6 kernel (clean build); fix for Quasar/Trakt authorisation)
  • #0504, 04-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; videoPlayer: fix c/p error in RenderManager; PR:9576: [network] improvements to the webserver implementation; no longer include libinput switch PR:200)
  • #0503, 03-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0502, 02-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; [skin] bump GUI version; file cache improvements; default to double buffered)
  • #0501, 01-May-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; kodi 17.0 Alpha 2; new v24 Addons schema; settings layout changes; fix broken left/right remote control button inputs)
  • #0430, 30-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; minors)
  • #0429b, 29-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; #0429b: Reverted Apple remote change - breaks MCE remotes)
  • #0428, 28-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; new 4.6.0-rc5 kernel; new LibreELEC branding; [skin] save skin settings early on exit)
  • #0424, 24-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; PVR API 5.2.0 bumps; ensure os.* addons are always enabled)
  • #0423, 23-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; new 4.6.0-rc4 kernel; [PVR] Alternative pvr announce - this introduces an API bump to 5.2.0; fix for Pandoki certificate issue; bump connman 1.32; switch to libinput)
  • #0420, 21-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; fix ffmpeg leaks (not fixing libass leaks))
  • #0419, 19-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; stop using xf86-video-intel driver, switch to xf86 modesetting driver instead)
  • #0418, 18-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; LibreELEC master opens for Kodi 17; another go at fixing pvr.argustv; drop repo database hack)
  • #0417, 17-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; drop custom inputstream.mpd URLs; fix for pvr.argustv issues; [PVR] EPG data import performance tuning)
  • #0416, 16-Apr-2016: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled; first official LibreELEC test build; includes inputstream.smoothstream)
Reserved #4
Reserved #5
The DevUpdate Addon requires an update to support LibreELEC builds, in the meantime please update manually.

Thanks to updated LibreELEC infrastructure I'm hoping to be able to publish daily x86 builds now too.

Builds will start at 9pm UK time, and be published soon after (unless there's a build issue, when it will be later).
Thank you for your work!
Yes - Milhouse thanks so much for your continued effort and support for the Kodi community. It's much appreciated.
Ty Milhouse Tongue

While waiting for devupdate to get updated; I modified it to make it work with LibreElec.

Official releases however do not work, but this is also broken on openelec for me ...

step 1)
install repo & devupdate from leopold: (if not already installed)
Dev update website

step 2)

unzip to shared map downloads & rename folder to script.openelec.devupdate
ssh into LibreElec (root/libreelec)
cp -r ./downloads/script.openelec.devupdate/ ./.kodi/addons/

2 files changed are lib/builds.py & lib/openelec.py

EDIT: Should also work for rpi (untested)
Thanks! I will contribute if I can Smile
I have it somewhere, but did you link where the builds are?

(2016-04-16, 21:13)Brian B Wrote: [ -> ]I have it somewhere, but did you link where the builds are?


They will be in the first post once they are posted, as of right now there are none yet.
New LibreELEC.tv Krypton build #0416: Generic
(Supercedes previous build)

# uname -a
Linux LibreELEC 4.4.7 #1 SMP Sat Apr 16 21:06:04 BST 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

# lsb_release
LibreELEC (Milhouse) - Version: devel-20160416210444-#0416-gf20aadc [Build #0416]

Based on tip of LibreELEC.tv master (f20aadc7, changelog) and tip of XBMC master (2c72ac9a, changelog) with the following modifications: Build Highlights:
  1. NOTE: DVD playback remains temporarily disabled
  2. First official LibreELEC test build - changes are relative to LE #0414 build
  3. Includes inputstream.smoothstream, which may one day (soon?) allow Sky Go support
Build Details:
  1. LibreELEC.tv:
    • kodi/imx6: move project specific patches to project folder (PR:156, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • glibc: dont use perl/makeinfo. build parallel (PR:154, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • projects/imx6/linux: don't build RTL8192CU driver (PR:157, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • imx6: update linux with missing commits (PR:158, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • Add dt-blob.bin compilation and installation to the system. (PR:155, 1 commit, 3 files changed)
    • Tvheadend 4.2 with transcoding (PR:123, 2 commits, 18 files changed)
    • imx6: Update kodi patches (PR:161, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • copy the dt-blob to image (PR:162, 3 commits, 2 files changed)
    • added RECOVERY to partitions not to be mounted (PR:163, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • kodi-binary-addons: fix for imx6 project (PR:165, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • projects/imx6/linux: change file permission (PR:166, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • projects/imx6/linux: disable kernel module signing (0aa8d89b)
    • projects/imx6/linux: disable kernel module signingthanks (a994045a)
  2. XBMC:
    • fix description label in select dialog (PR:9610, 1 commit, 7 files changed)
    • fix plugin context menus (PR:9595, 4 commits, 9 files changed)
    • [python-api] - do not use core context menus for WindowXML containers (PR:9605, 2 commits, 1 file changed)
    • Use aligned_malloc when using buffers with sws_scale (PR:9623, 3 commits, 4 files changed)
    • [chg] add guisetting to configure number of volume control steps (PR:9617, 1 commit, 6 files changed)
    • Remove HTTPFile / CURLAddOption PostData added (PR:9621, 2 commits, 10 files changed)
    • [win32] A set of DX fixes for windows. (PR:9624, 10 commits, 7 files changed)
    • AE: fix going to idle state after change of refresh rate (PR:9628, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • ActiveAE: Fix use of invalidated iterator (PR:9630, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [estuary] - skin sync (PR:9634, 1 commit, 54 files changed)
    • fixed: Compile warnings (PR:9633, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • [cmake][linux] Several fixes (PR:9568, 11 commits, 10 files changed)
    • VideoPlayer: consider offset to vsync (PR:9629, 4 commits, 16 files changed)
    • ffmpeg: thread specific logging level (PR:9632, 1 commit, 3 files changed)
    • [contextmenu] fix bad refactoring in f6ea8bf5 (83f959f8)
  3. inputstream.mpd:
  4. inputstream.smoothstream:
    • new interface version, version bump to 1.0.4 (1813bbb4)
  5. Additional commits/pull requests/changes not yet merged upstream:
    • Added: [env] ed774729: Intel: Implement Passthrough-Range
    • Added: [env] 98c65e6a: Kodi: Use Limited Range by default
Regarding the skipped frame issues I had been experiencing with the previous OE #0415 build and my ION2 hardware, this should be fixed now in this LE build - see PR9629 for details. tl;dr; an amp with dodgy edid.bin, and missing modelines in a custom xorg.conf.