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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-08-26, 19:41)fritsch Wrote: I think you should go the Ubuntu route for debugging this - I can build you whatever kernel you want, after you are ready and working with: 231955 (thread)

Thanks for trying to help. I figured Ubuntu would have been the best approach as well. Unfortunately, the little mini-pc that I have hooked up to the buggy TV has very little storage (30GB SSD) that is mostly occupied by Windows 10. I was booting LibreElec from USB flash drive. I"ll try to figure something out to get more space on there.

I've been running Ubuntu from a VirtualBox image on another PC in order to make my own LibreElec builds for testing. I was able to successfully test a few of my own ideas as well as some patches from Intel. Intel's patches didn't help (other than turning off 36-bit color support which I can easily do via custom EDID).. My own code changes did fix the audio bug with 36-bit color still enabled but left other issues that still need to be resolved (a/v clock mismatch causing frame skipping).

I've dealt with HDMI configuration bugs on another embedded platform but the Intel hardware is a bit different and more complicated because of multiple pipes (HDMI, DP, etc.). Hardware documentation is also poor.

I think the main reason many Intel bugs don't get fixed for years is because the end-users who report them are usually not developers and can't verify fixes. Building custom kernels, etc. is too much for most people so they just give up after reporting the bug.
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