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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-08-17, 17:26)n2vwz Wrote: “Key Repeat” is no longer functional on the Skip Forward and Skip Backward keys:

Left Arrow (←) and Right Arrow (→)

This problem affects USB Keyboards in addition to Remote Controls.

The problem started with build #0729 and continues with current builds. I believe that this is the result of recently added “Long-Press” features disabling “key repeat” for these two keys.

The Long-Press feature changes the key function from skip forward with auto-repeat to 2X fast forward (or Rewind). The feature was intended for low cost Android Boxes with low key count remote controls that do not have Fast Forward and Rewind keys.

Skip Forward and Skip Back with auto-repeat are important functions that should not have been eliminated by the inclusion of “Long-Press” code.

This is a request to restore the previous functionality by removing or provide a simple method of disabling “Long-Press” code.

I'm the one that previously added that and I wanted to clarify some things.

1) The default was adapted for the sake of more common use-cases. The default skipsteps feature makes key-repeat on left/right unpractical, so I'm not sure why you are complaining about something that you could have still changed for your own use case.

2) Android boxes have nothing to do with it. The behavior is taken from the Apple remote (which is popular and used on all the platforms), and it used long-press on right/left for ff/rw since before 2010. (The Apple remote had long-press functionality because it sent a different IR signal when the button was held, hence not needing an XBMC/Kodi-specific feature for the action). We've had years of feedback on that behavior, and it was overwhelmingly positive.

That being said, I'm find with yielding to caution. Changing default keymaps is a tricky business, and it's hard to make everyone happy. I really just wanted to point out that it wasn't Android that inspired this particular change ;)
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