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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
Correction to my earlier post, my NUC is a NUC6i5SYH not NUC6i5SYK.

@_Spook_ and @porkchop999: I've now hooked the NUC6i5SYH up to my Onkyo NR-828 amp (into 5.1 speakers) and I get no audio with any recent 4.8 build - not #1003x (4.8.0), #0926x (4.8-rc8) or #0919x (4.8-rc7). I've tested both with and without passthrough, same result - no sound.

Audio is working fine with the same setup and 4.7.6 (ie. #1004). Audio is also working fine with my Revo3700 (Atom)/ION2 and 4.8 (any version) into this amp. The amp doesn't support 4K, nor does my TV.

The only 4.8 builds that have working audio when the NUC is connected to the amp are #0917k and #0917m:
(2016-09-17, 07:16)Milhouse Wrote: @_Spook_: Here are your three 4.8-rc6 based builds.

#0917k: without the 4k patch; without the lspcon patch
#0917l: with the 4k patch; with the lspcon patch
#0917m: without the 4k patch; with the lspcon patch

#0917l also has no audio.

Oddly, all these builds have working audio when testing with my 1080p computer monitor over HDMI.

Obviously the 4K patch would appear to be the problem, but I've no idea why the same builds work with a cheap computer monitor but not with a more capable amp. And why this problem is only being reported now, when the older builds also had problems (or maybe it's only with specific hardware?)

Are you Intel users testing these 4.8 builds with 4K capable hardware (either amp, TV or both)?
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