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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-11-04, 01:22)Milhouse Wrote: @mikeSiLVO Reproducing the issue, ideally without having to install a skin an all that that entails, is likely to help towards prompt resolution.

I just added the following to stock Estuary in 1080i/Startup.xml (
    <onload condition="!Skin.HasSetting(Disable.StartupIntro)">AlarmClock(Play Intro,PlayMedia(special://skin/extras/intro.mp4,0),00:01,silent)</onload>
and it plays your video without an issue.

Note that my code is different to your code - you have "PlayMedia(special://skin/extras/intro.mp4,1)" which causes the video to play in the background.

You can reproduce in one of my builds as follows:
cd /storage/.kodi/addons
cp -r /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary ./skin.estuary2
wget -q -O skin.estuary2/extras/intro.mp4
wget -q -O skin.estuary2/1080i/Startup.xml
sed -i 's/estuary/estuary2/g;s/Estuary/Estuary2/g' skin.estuary2/addon.xml

Enable the Estuary2 skin in the Addons browser, and reboot.

You do however have a lot of other onload conditions, any one of which could be contributing to the problem.
Here is my dilemma... I am using Windows ATM and do not have another test install using a different OS at my disposal. I am only going by what the users who post about there issues have mentioned. I think I may have something in my Startup.xml that is causing this...

Right now I am running 4 scripts, setting a bool if an addon is not installed, and setting properties based on watched overlay paths due to having a colored and white options for icons and mediaflags. I recently altered the default control and added an onload ReplaceWindow($INFO[System.StartupWindow]) when disabling the intro... Since these issues seem to have cropped up after that change I will ask the users to try a different Startup.xml removing those options. Everything seems like it was working better before that change so I am thinking that is my issue.

I will report back if it solves anything. Thanks for your help Smile
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