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I asked over on Feature request for a Switch so while scraping new content, Kodi would keep my title names, and somebody suggested that it would possibly be an easy thing to add into a scraper.
If someone here could Mod the TMDB scraper for me to do this, I would be forever greatful and quote their name to gods on high.

There are a couple of problems i keep having with the way I sort my movies and TV Shows, and, if i ever lose my movie database, like i did this week, it takes me weeks to get it all back together.

This mod to the scraper would solve everything for me in 1 go.

So Please Please Please and Thanks in Advance and Help all in one.

What, No one here has an answer?
Surely there is some clever Scraper writer who has the simple answer...
Would this be something done by the Scraper? or would this be done in the KODI software ?
Still no answer, Surely there is someone here who writes scrapers that could do this in like 5 minutes and make alot of people happy.

I Offer a $50aud bribe to someone, to make the adjustments i ask to the movie db scraper.

Is that enough to get this done ?

Thank You
Is there a Scraper Programmer out there I can Hire?

$100 to make this simple adjustment. I really need this done.
I'm not a developer but just noticed this post and just curious
With local name you mean the filename ?
Having a hard time to understand the connection that you loose your database that it takes weeks to get it going again.
Or do you mean with database your collection of movies/series ?
Because if you loose your database because of hd crash or what ever it wouldn't take ages to rescrape your collection to the Kodi database.
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With local name, yes, I mean my Filename, instead of the one provided by The Movie Database.
Basically this is because, like lots of people, I have different versions of movies which I have labeled as such

Australia - OZ (2008)
Blade Runner - DC (1982)
Blade Runner - FC (1982)
Blade Runner - TC (1982)
Lethal Weapon - DC (1987)
Stiletto - UC (2008)
Paranormal Activity - UR (2007)

Of Course you can possibly Guess, But OZ = Australian Film, DC = Directors Cut, FC = Final Cut, TC = Theatrical Cut, UC = Uncut, UR = Unrated etc etc etc.

Because there is no way to distinguish between different types of shows with either Kodi or The Movie Database, By allowing people to utiilise their own filenames, this would fix that problem.
I am most of the way through adding the tags to all the movies i have in The movie database, which allows kodi to find them all, but they wont display correctly in the Kodi List, Therefore I have to go through the list and manually rename all the movies with tags. Hundreds and Hundreds and it takes alot of time.

And for some reason whenever i update to a new version of kodi, I lose a lot of movies. Maybe 25% dont show up after the upgrade. So I either have to check every movie manually to make surte it is there and named correctly, or rebuild the database changings hundreds of filenames manually. As you can guess with over 3000 movies on the hard drive, this is a huge chore.

The addition of this one little option, Use Local Filenames, would make life so much easier. I also notice quite a few other people who like this idea, and did notice today a similar post with a now non working scraper which may have done just this. so there are certainly others out there that want this function.

Anyway, I hope that clears things up and thanks for your input,

Hmm okay I can see your problem,
I wonder if using a external program to manage your collection and .nfo files would work better instead of using a scraper.
There's a scraper in Kodi that only reads the .nfo tags.
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
There was another suggestion to use a media manager. i did look at this, but the set up of these is worse that going back through and doing the entire setup of Kodi again.

I have gone through all the titles i have, and added these tags to the movie database. That has taken me all week. But now Kodi and the Movie Database scraper can find all my titles.


Now I just need to get the scraper to keep my original titles and all will be well.

Scanning back through the forums, there is another scraper that does this, but stopped working as of 15.2.

I was toying with the idea of just downgrading back to XBMC and using this scraper, but then MP4 with H265 encoding doesnt work, so I would have to reencode everything I have started to change over.

There is always a problem.

Heres hoping someone who is a scraper developer will read this and help us out. But No one ever seems to read these posts. Very annoying to have a forum where the people who can help, don't.

But thanks again for your ideas Trash. All Good.

Now I can guess, that the Scraper is where the adjustment needs to be made, not Kodi as such.
When You add a directory for movies to Kodi, you tell it where to look for movies etc locally, then you select what type of media it is, ie Movies, the you select a scraper, so we chose - The Movie Database Scraper. Then there is a settings tab there, inside this you can select "Keep Original Titles", this tells the scraper to use the orignal Movie Database Title and not the Translated title Im guessing.
Now, if we could just get that change to "Keep local title" and when the scraper grabs the movie database title, substitute that for the original filename. Everything is solved.
Or even add a tab there that does this, gold !!!
I think Ive got that right, but not sure......
Well, Downloaded the stupid movie scraper, and compared it the the movie database scraper. I feel as though i am looking at another language, and in effect i am. I really have no idea what im doing, but i change a few things here and there and.....nothing. lmao. I guess im not a programmer.
Heres hoping someone will help me with this project.
Maybe theres some programmers for hire on Facebook who can program xml. Will go find out.
I think people do read it,
But I think there's less interest in this option then you think.
The developers that work on the projects for Kodi do this stuff all in there spare time for free.
So mainly they will only do features they prefer them self or for general use what the most users use and fixes what are really needed to keep it working.
At the moment they are looking for more active developers that can help out with certain projects.
Calling a add-on stupid because it doesn't do what you expect or want is kinda insulting to the developer.

Another idea that just came up,
Export your media info to single files (in Kodi itself),
If I'm correct it will write .nfo files to your media and next time you rescrape it will use that info.
You could test this on a fresh install of Kodi in a test environment.
Without messing your main media setup.
When using a RPi use another sdcard if using Windows use the portable mode.

Else till a developer is interested enough for this option for a small group of users that need it I still think using a media manager is the only way to go.
You could just go in the support area of the media managers and ask them if there's a way of getting the result you want with there media managers.
Without installing them and trying to figure it out your self if it's possible at all.

Btw: I've upgraded several times my Kodi database and I never needed to rescrape anything everything was like it was before.
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Hi Again,

I feel as though you and I are the only ones here, lol.
Not sure on the export media info to single files, if you could point me toward a tutorial, that'd be great. Will have a look.

i have made clean installs of kodi and are playing about with them both. As I have added all the movie tags now to the movie database I can now scrape everything, But I just dont have the filenames correct in the database.

There is another couple of threads here regarding this and i did ask on another but i think it may have been an old thread, but there are certainly others who want this option.

I offered $100 to someone to change the script for me, thinking that might develop some interest, but not. Im guessing the programming script is called xml, or is it perl. If I can find that out perhaps I can hire a programmer from the net somewhere to help me fix this. The option obviously has to be in the scraper. I did have a look at the code, but, omg, im not that clever. Wish it was written in GWBasic, I could fix that, hahahaha.

Thanks again for your input TraSH, it is much appreciated.
When you go into your settings,
Goto video.
At the bottom you got the option export.
You will get a question if you want to export to single files or something else.
Can't remember any more.

I believe the scraper and all the stuff is written in python.
The xml file it's used for settings.
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Went into Video and looked everywhere, went into settings and video and looked everywhere, and can't see any option for export. I know there was one somewhere as I tried it once but it didnt work at all, but that was way back in XBMC 12 or 13, To transfer all database info between machines now I use Free File Sync. And just update the User/Name/Appdata/Roaming/Kodi folder from the master to all the others. Works perfect.

But, no, could not find the export thing at all now.

I have also used to hire a programmer who is looking at the scraper for me now. Hopefully I will get this sorted out properly now once and for all. Hooray.

Cheers again TRaSH
Could be that you must set your settings level from standard to expert.
It reveals much more setting options.
I'm on the road now so I can't check now.
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?

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