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[RELEASE] XinBox (E-Mail Client Script for XBMC)
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Hi all,

After many months of scripting, I have released the new and improved XinBox script.

The new script is miles ahead of the old script and could possibly be the most advanced script for XBMC yet.

Some features:

Receive emails via your pop3 email account.
View emails, reply and forward emails.
Great attachment handling, view and save attachments.
COMPOSE emails, add attachments, To: Cc: and Bcc fields
Contacts list, easily add contacts and use contacts list when composing emails.
Customisable new email notification SFX for each inbox.
Pre-set settings for most major email providers.
Game pad + Keyboard + remote support
Unlimited accounts each with unlimited inboxes.
Password optional for each account.
Mini-mode - watch a movie while you wait for that important email.
Delete emails from inbox/server or both.
Plus many more features.

You can download from:


Script has an internal update function to allow user to update to the very latest and greatest :-D

Please read the readme before using the script.

If you can supply new skins/language files for the script, feel free to PM me.

Some Screenshots:

Main Menu:


InBox Menu:


Create InBox Menu:


Opened Email Dialog:


Compose Dialog (Forwarding Email):


Mini-Mode Running:


All screenshots can be viewed at:



screenshots plz and cheers on your new script Smile
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Had a quick play around with the script - its beautiful.

I was able to check for new e-mails and read them fine.

When setting up the e-mail account settings and using the test accounts button I keep getting an error regarding the smtp setting saying server name and login not accepted but I am able to check my e-mails okay.
AFAIK there is no send mail / smtp support yet
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

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JEESUS XinBox looked MARVELLOUS! Amazin looking Script!! Awesome!

Works great also, but few bugs are here:

- I created new account with propper specs, but when the app got the the "main screen" where Check, Compose and Contacts buttons were, the screen was blank. No buttos and no text. I had to restat script, then it workd!

- I send a HTML mail to myself, but the subject in XinBox is quite coderich:
=?iso-8859-1Q?t= ...

the Body with skands in it were ok.
first of all nice script, hey i have a gmail account i got everything working on the script but i heard that gmail u can send a attachments up to 20mb but on the xbox i can only send up to 2mb do i have to set it up so i can send more or something else
pike Wrote:AFAIK there is no send mail / smtp support yet

Umm, yes there is, send emails works 100%.


Yeh, is had minor html email support, its mainly for text emails.


You should be able to send more than 2mb, what does the script say or do when you try to send more?


Make sure you have your settings correct, your email client may need SSL or something. What email provider are you using?
I tried v.0.3 but was put off by the obscene message played through the speaker when a mail message was received.

Is there a way to disable this message being played in this version?
Yes, in the setup inbox menu, change the email notification sfx to Silent.wav
Thanks Stanley87.

I'll give this new version a go.
i got a gmail account and when i send a attachment more then 2mb it sez failed to prepare message what can i do to fix this
stanley87 Wrote:silps:

Make sure you have your settings correct, your email client may need SSL or something. What email provider are you using?

Virgin Net is my e-mail provider. Thanks
do i need a client for email if i do y and is it the only way i can send big attachments, i cant just use my google mail account on the script so i can send big files can u guys send big files on the script or is it just me that can only send 2mb
Hmm. Im not sure dominater, have you tried with a different attachment thats larger than 2mb? It should not make a difference of the size of the attachment, i tried just Preparing an email message with a 50mb attachment, and it prepared it fine (couldnt test sending it tho as my net is too slow), but it didnt cause the problem preparing email message
silps Wrote:Virgin Net is my e-mail provider. Thanks

K, try using pop ssl: 110
and smtp ssl: 25

These are default values, but give it ago :-D
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