Last.FM scraper?
Hi everyone! Congratulations for creating this section in the forum devoted to music! I have always been very interested in using Kodi for music since I think it has a lot of potential. In my humble opinion a big step forward would be to take advantage of all the main sources of music information available and obviously is one of them. I'm aware that we already have the Universal artist & album scraper but I don't know why there's no other scrapers that allow scraping bios and other information and pictures from I know that in the past there was a scraper but not anymore... Is there any reason I'm not aware of?

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If I remember correctly does not want that kodi scrapes their information due to the traffic it creates.
I could understand that, but then there is and add-on, Artist Slideshow, that is used in a lot ok skins and that fetches information and pictures from without any problem... in fact I would be very happy if that information could be passed to the library somehow...
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You better get programing...
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Sure, the scraper was really, really good. I would love if it came back but this does not seem to be in the hands of any guy involved with kodi. If does not want their websites scraped, then there's nothing that can be done about it. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that other addons using will not break. I use the playlist generators for music and music videos that use "similar tracks" and "similar artists" daily and I'd hate if these break,
Last.FM changed their api so it would no longer return artist pictures, but bio, albums, and similar artists still get returned. But you might need to get a personal api key (Artist Slideshow author provides an api key for his addon) from Last.FM.

As an aside, I don't think using an api is properly referred to as "scraping" (which I take to mean parsing html pages with something like Beautifulsoup), but I know the term is in general use as "retrieve online info" in Kodi.

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Yep no more pictures on their API so its pretty useless.

Use the universal scraper and change to TADB bio's and you will get virtually the same as they were all Creative Commons licensed from echonest in the first place Wink

Any new artist added to TADB checks echonest for bio's automatically.

EDIT: as you know, spanish bio's are not automatic and must be copied from wikipedia. Looks like your making good progress with that though!

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