Embedded art in mp3s not showing
Hello all, I've recently had to format my pc and I've had to rescan my entire music library because my backups didn't seem to work in the clean install. I've noticed now some of my mp3 singles which only have embedded art in the tag (through mp3tag) their art is only showing when browsing, not when playing - when playing it shows the default image and after playing these mp3s lose their art in kodi so it no longer shows up when browsing either (I checked and one single that lost its art and one that kept its art both had the ID3v2.3 tag, so it's not tag related in any case.). This only seems to be the case if there's only one single in an artist folder and is apparently not consistent.
Am I missing something? Is there a better way to provide art for singles? My current folder structure is /music/artist/ and therein are the singles. Should the singles be in their own folders with a folder.jpg too? This wasn't necessary in my last setup in any case. Or is could there be something wrong with my music database?
What could be related is I installed the cdart addon and couldn't get it to work.
Both setups were/are Kodi 16.1 in windows 10 with Aeon Nox. Thanks in advance.
(2016-06-11, 02:42)elra Wrote: What could be related is I installed the cdart addon and couldn't get it to work.

That does sound suspicious. Can you uninstall this addon, and see if you can see the embedded art.
Thanks DaveBlake, I should have mentioned I already deleted it but the situation remains.

I would delete the music database and rescan to see if the singles art is ok again, but is there a way of backing up or exporting the artist fanart? I tried single file and separately but I don't see an indication that the artist fanart is saved in either case, is that assumption correct?
(Asking because query info for all artists doesn't seem to work at the moment for either scraper due to issue with musicbrainz)
Unfortunately backing up scraped artwork is an issue, and the MB server is overloading making scraping less successful (though using a mirror can help), so I get why you don't want to delete your library. But I'm not entirely sure it is a library issue anyway.

Images are not kept in the library, only the path to scraped artwork. Embedded art is extracted from the file and used if there is no other art associated (scraped, folder.jpg etc.). If browsing finds it then so should the player.

It could be a caching issue of some kind? But I also wonder what your aborted attempt at using cdart addon has done. I think it creates folders and files for artwork in places that Kodi will give those images priority over embedded art. The addon maybe gone, but your physical music storage may still have these folder and files? Have a look.
I haven't had any luck with mirrors either regarding the sraping.

I deleted what remaining folders I found of cdart, and used the General Maintenance tool to delete the cache of kodi. Restarted, and it's really weird: some lone singles in folders still lose their art, others don't. I also noticed it's not really lone singles, but songs with lone art, for instance if I have 3 songs of a band with no album filled in, but using the same greatest hits art, that can be gone too.
Now I can change the filename of those that lose their art, and then rescan the library, and they are fixed.
But it seems entirely random and throughout the entire library alphabetically, I think I'll have no other choice but to start from scratch cause I'm not up for checking and renaming a big heap of songs.
edit: I realized I can check the Singles listing for those that are missing art, will see if it's doable and not too many.
edit2: I did it, lol, it went up to the letter P, unfortunately I started a random playlist and saw that an album lost its art too, I hope it's the only one.
edit3: crap, 3 albums already so far, it seems to be happening when there's no folder.jpg but only embedded art for an album, but it doesn't seem to be too many, anyway I can deal with this for the time being. Maybe if the scraper woes are over I'll try a fresh scan if still needed.

Thanks for your consideration Dave

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Embedded art in mp3s not showing0
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