Kodi v18 Name: Leia

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The name of Kodi v18 will be... https://kodi.tv/kodi-18-leia/

With the release of Alpha and Beta's for Version 17 Krypton the time has come again to start putting names forward meow for Version 18, presumably starting with the letter 'L'

You can check out the Krypton naming thread here.

Choosing an obscure unique name might sound profound but may not make sense to 99% of other people, also posting the 'L' contents from the Britannica Encyclopedia will probably be ignored also.

History (Releases (wiki)):

V7 = A was named Atlantis
V8 = B was name Babylon
V9 = C was named Camelot
V10 = D was named Dharma
V11 = E was named Eden
V12 = F was named Frodo
V13 = G was named Gotham
V14 = H is named Helix
V15 = I is named Isengard
V16 = J is named Jarvis
V17 = K is named Krypton
V18 = L will be named?

Any popular repeat suggestions I'll throw down below:


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playing on krypton, LexLuther
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Lorien, or Lothlorien to continue the Tolkien theme perhaps?

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[Image: LORAX.png]
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(2016-07-10 15:34)bry- Wrote:  playing on krypton, LexLuther

with the exception of frodo, all our codenames are (mystical, pop culture, etc) places
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