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Could do some testing and feedback for this new feature I've just added to Confluence please.

Repo -

Use the Library Node Editor to change the first six items to whatever you want to see in the submenus for Movies, TV Shows and Music.
Shame this great new feature has received such little response, especially as so many people have asked for the ability to customise music and video main menus. Then again it is rather hidden away under Skins Support.

But just found time to test it out myself....Blush
On music menu of course.Angel

In Confluence the first 6 items from the library node now appear beneath the home menu item - pick your favorite six by ordering those in the library menu in the node editor. Clicking on music on home screen still brings up the full library node

It seems that you need to restart Kodi to see the effect of any changes made by the node editor on the home submenu, while those changes show immediately on the full library node. That had me confused for a bit how to change the submenu.

It works and I like it, thanks Hitcher Smile
And to make things easier here's some help.

Library Node Editor
It's the ol' comfort zone thingee... But I'm finding this in conversation. My brother accuses me of enjoying the build more than the prize.
Thank... I'm marking this for a tinker session this weekend.......

Dark Cypher
How do you edit these? I really need to edit these to add recently added and sets to Movies and Recently added to TV shows, which were two of the most often used submenu entries most used and no longer there.



Editing the nodes as shown only edits the actual Video Files -> Library -> Whatever node

The actual main menu submenus entries remain unchanged!?

After an hour of fiddling with the node editor Im utterly lost.
A reboot/skin refresh might be needed to actually update the lists.
Many thx, restarting kodi did it.

I suppose the next question would be if the node editor be able to reload skin to avoid this or at least warn about that?

Also noticed the node editor addon has many missing icons which depending on the view makes things harder to navigate, I will try to add those icons to my confluence skin themes in coming weeks.
There's a PR somewhere that is meant to make sure these lists get refreshed when they're changed.
thx, I cant find any such PR atm, maybe looking in wrong place.

In any case this seems to be working in Confluence fine aside from that snag. Good work and thx for adding support for it.
I like Confluence, but I would like to make FAVORITES a main menu item (like MOVIES, MUSIC, SYSTEM etc.), rather than an inconvenient star in the lower left corner I can do it in Aeon-Nox, but I prefer to use Confluence if I can. Can anyone help?.
There is a bug for Music Submenu, after Kodi startup. The Msuic Submenu has only one empty button.
after selecting something (videos, music, programs, ...) the music submenu is fine.
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in screenshot you can see the empty button:
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Greetings. I am running Kodi 17 Beta 7. I am trying to add "Recently Added" under the Movies and TV Shows items on the home menu. I open the Library Node Editor, but I have no options for Movies or TV Shows.



Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is this built into kodi or is this feature an add-on I need to install? I cant find this menu option anywhere. I'm on Kodi 16 does that matter? I ultimately want to be able to add separate menu items for documentaries, comedy specials, and kids movie under the movies column or at the same level with it.
Krypton (17) only.

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