v17 Duplication of recording icon on guide
i'm noticing on occasions (usually on re-starting kodi) that the recording timer icon is either misplaced or duplicated: see my screen shots:

Below i selected the "Premier League Show" as a series recording and the icon is on the channel above - although the recording is set correctly

watch gallery

This is a series record that has been set for months for "Football Focus", as you can see, it looks like i have a timer set for every channel for that time. although i can confirm i dont!

watch gallery

Log: http://pastebin.com/zR1f0Psj

Windows 10
Kodi 17

Happy to provide anything else that is required....


Not 100% sure, but this reads like a problem with the dvblogic pvr client add-on as this works just fine with other backends.
Thanks Ksooo, ive just found this in the DVBlink sub forum, it doent look like its been merged/closed or what ever you guys do to get it in to the nightlys, although my not sure its related?:

Other than that i will progress with dvblogic

(2016-09-14, 13:55)dvblogic Wrote: The issue has been fixed both for Jarvis and Krypton.

It would be nice if someone from Kodi team could merge the pull requests:
I have the same problem with the DVBViewer Recording Service add-on Kodi Krypton. Usually it starts to happen when Kodi has been running a day or two without a restart. I've noticed that if I have set for example one timer on one channel starting at 21.00, the timeline shows a recording/timer icon on every channel that has a program starting at 21.00. DVBViewer addon on Kodi Jarvis doesn't have this issue.

Kodi after being on for a couple of days. Ghost timers on channels 10, 12, 13 and 14. Real timer on channel 17.

After restarting Kodi. Real timer on channel 17 and no ghost timers.
Kodi @ NVidia Shield Android TV, Asrock J3455-ITX (LibreELEC Server), Windows 10, and Nexus 7 (2013)
For information, i've posted the issue over at the DVBlogic forum: http://forum.dvblogic.com/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=31622
Ahhh looks like it's been merged? i think that means it will be in tomorrow's nightly, doesn't it?
@maxtherabbit thanks for the info. If it happens with others backend it's most probably a Kodi pvr core issue. I will look into it.
(2016-09-21, 12:18)maxtherabbit Wrote: After restarting Kodi. Real timer on channel 17 and no ghost timers.

Yes a restart does appear to clear the issue, although it also appears on my laptop running Kodi 18, which isn't on all the time (My HTPC is) and when i first fire up Kodi i get the issue, restarting it clears the issue.....
Not sure you two guys are actually talking about exactly the same problem. I looked yesterday very careful through the related pvr core code and so far I was not able to find anything suspicious with regard to the problems reported here. At the moment I still think that we're facing separate pvr client add-on issues here, though I cannot be 100% sure.
One of you guys is reporting a misplaced timer icon directly after startup, the other one reports misplaced timer icons after a while when using Kodi. Technically, this might be two completely different problems.
I found a way to make those ghost timers appear. I just need to tune to a channel and when I stop playback the ghost timer has appeared the way I described in the previous post. On some channels it takes multiple tunings to happen and on some channels it happens after the first try. I don't normally do lots of channel surfing so that's why I didn't notice it before.
Kodi @ NVidia Shield Android TV, Asrock J3455-ITX (LibreELEC Server), Windows 10, and Nexus 7 (2013)
I can run the latest nightly on my HTPC and see how long it takes for the "Ghost timers" appear (after a restart), or even try and replicate what maxtherabbit is describing above...
Ok tested latest nightly on my always on HTPC, started up Kodi 17 (in portable mode) i got the timer issue as described above, restarted left Live TV running for about an hour, stopped it (as i had to go out!) and about an hour later (on my return) i now have duplicated timers icons for all my series timers for all channels where the programs start at the same time...

Not sure if that proves that the 2 issues are related or not! i did try to replicate what Maxterrabbit was describing by tuning into a channel and stopping the stream but had no success.

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the EPG updating? e.g i have mine set not to update while Live TV is running, So mine probably updated while i was out and hence the issue appeared?

Happy to keep testing to prove whether this is a addon or Kodi core issue, just tell me what to do! cos i'm not sure anymore....
I am having the same problem with Krypton beta 2 and the DVBLink PVR:
The ghost timers are there as soon as I go into the guide. I can't see any logic regarding what ghost timers appear, most programs say they have a timer but some do not. Never saw this on Jarvis.

edit: after messing around a bit more, this is only getting more confusing. Different ghost timers appear on subsequent restarts of Kodi, occasionally I don't see any at all. Can you guys try clearing your EPG data when you're not seeing any or as many ghost timers? BEcause I just tried that and once the EPG had been refreshed almost every program had a timer again. I'll try and get a video of this posted shortly because it is difficult to explain.
Here we go, this video explains it a lot better:


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