How can I change the default focus of the main menu ?

How can I change the main-menu focus,
so that every time Kodi starts up the focus will be on TV Shows ?

Because now everytime Kodi starts up, the focus is on "Quit"
( When using the Vertical Menu )

I've searched the forum and found a few threads, but I found no definite answer.
I've edited the "Includes_Vertical_Home.xml"
and changed the line <control type="fixedlist" id="300" description="Main Bar">
into <control type="list" id="300" description="Main Bar">
as found in a thread here on the forum, but all that does is change the focus to the first item in the menu,
which is the add-on's menu.

Can anyone help me with what code in the xml I have to change to either change the focus to TV Shows
or else maybe a way to re-arrange the order of the menu's, so that I can put TV-Shows to the top of the list ?

Thanks in advance.
I've fixed it myself.

I installed Kodi on my laptop and by default the focus was on "Music"
Above Music is TV Shows.
So I've deleted Music and after that "TV Shows" had the Main Focus.

I've deleted "Pictures" ( is above TV Shows ) and "Weather" ( is below TV Shows )
as well and the focus is still on "TV Shows"

Question remains, when you don't delete any of those menu items,
how can you change focus then ?
Settings -> Appearance -> Startup Window
Learning Linux the hard way !!
(2016-09-25, 21:31)black_eagle Wrote: Settings -> Appearance -> Startup Window

in that list I See "TV", but I can't choose "TV Shows"
Unless TV means TV Shows

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How can I change the default focus of the main menu ?0
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