[RELEASE] Lindenstrasse (Video) Plugin - German TV Show

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Thumbs Up  [RELEASE] Lindenstrasse (Video) Plugin - German TV Show
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Hi everybody, here is a new plugin for accessing the last 5 episodes of the german soap Lindenstrasse.
It is a plugin, not a script. Don't ever dare to execute this as a script from the scripts window. Especially do not ask about this here. If the bug you would like to report is something like "Dude, it just gives me list index out of range", you probably got it wrong. Instead, search around a bit in the documentation and learn how to use plugins.
Press the info button on the remote on a show to display a plot summary.
Have fun with this:
Or grab it here: http://theendofthelongestline.de/xbox/do.../index.php
I'm also converting the Harald Lesch - alpha centauri script to a plugin right now.
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