LIRC and RF (Radio Frequency) remotes?
Perhaps I should ask this question over in lirc territory but i didnt want to register to ask one question. Anyway it might be useful for other users here.

Has anyone had any experience of using rf remotes with lirc + xbmc??

I am looking at the new bose lifestyle v30 ht system as an addition to xbmc. I am currently thinking the rf remote would be quite useful.

Anyone know anything better?

Bose Lifestyle V30
I'm kind of curious about X10 Wireless Technology based remotes myself, they are available to buy from third-parties for Windows Media Center (X10 also OEM their RF remotes to a lot of others, such as ATI Remote Wonder, ATI Remote Wonder PLUS, Medion, and SnapStream Firefly)
Quote:ATI remote has been merged into Linux kernel (since version 2.6.5)
ATI remote driver has been ported into LIRC (versions 0.7.0 and later)
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I use a OFA type of RF remote. The particular remote is a 15-2117. It has good range can learn anything and if you are willing to learn how to use a JP1 type of remote can do anything. There is an active community supporting these remotes with open source software. It is very easy to learn to program them using the open source tools and you can create your own upgrade files. I use mine to control my xbox (for xbmc) 3 different tvs, home theater system, directtivo, dvd/vcr recorder and a couple of other devices. You can create macros so that with one button you can switch video source on the tv, hit play on the dvd, and power up the amplifier, and set it on the right input. And of course any other combination that you want. The cool thing is that you program it with your computer so you can clone or backup your settings easily. The best part is that the remotes you use are very inexpensive. I paid about $30.00 for mine including the RF station.
Thanks for the info jrolin1. I will check it out. I've been looking at these things abit over the last couple of days and was interested in the URC mx-950, paired with the matching 250 base. Bit expensive and long but it has had many good reviews. Not building my home theatre for a couple of months so I think I will continue to look until then.
Does anyone know how well does Logitech's "Z-Wave" RF Universal Remotes do with Linux? there even USB (or serial) reciever dongles for them to control (HTPC) computers?

Logitech Radio Frequency Universal Remotes include these:
* Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote (called Harmony 895 in Europe)
* Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote (though way to expensive and not my style)

These all of course support IR (InfraRed) as well as RF (Radio Frequency)
Anyone seen or used CommandIR?

Looks like it might be a solution to controlling devices with one remote. Not RF though..
Got Snapstream Firefly working great under gutsy read
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