Linux - Visualization displayed offeset from screen
After following this thread, LINK, to get my visualizations working, I have now run into another problem. All the visualizations, Goom, ProjectM, and ShaderToy, display off-center to the TV screen. They are all displaying to left and down by quite a bit, about 1/2" on a 40" TV. I have looked for a way to change this in their settings, but there is not a way to adjust this. The playback of videos such as movies and TV shows is fine. It is just the visualizations that are not displaying properly. I am running Linux Mint Cinnamon 18 64 bit with Kodi 16.1 (Git:c327c53) compiled on April 24, 2016 as its main "Desktop Environment". Any ideas on how to recenter the display of these visualizations?



It also seems that when I run a visualization during music playback, Kodi will reset itself after about 5 minutes. Nothing is shown when checking the logs for a cause.
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