Crash on startup
Was running a nightly I updated about a week ago and kodi would crash a few seconds into startup.

Updated to recent nightly, still having the exact same issue, cannot really see anything causing it in the log files.(Though I could probably post after work if anyone wants to see them)

Not quite sure this is exactly a skin thing but it appears that way to me. So I've changed to other skins without an issue. Though I didn't bother with script heavy ones like Transparency etc. So while I have disabled a tonne of addons and scripts along with turning off automatic updates I haven't quite figured out what is causing it.

This might just be an ongoing issue everyone experiences from time to separate time, I've seen plenty of similar experiences from months ago.

I would much prefer to run the Xperience skin over the others. Only because I've been using it exclusively since it was first released, and there has been a few issues here and there. Nothing like this which prevents me from using it entirely.

Any information on what is happening, what it could be would be very much appreciated.
I just got home and installed, and restored a backup on another computer without the issue.

So I guess I am going to give it another fresh install when I get the time tomorrow.
Sorry for this thread, probably get these kinds of things all the time.

I backed up, uninstalled, restored and it was initially fine.
A couple of day after same thing would happen. Crashing within a few seconds on starting up.

In my log the warning was for startup.xml

Detached network cable and booted up.

I dug a bit deeper and discovered that I had to disable the xkcd addon.

Now I don't have the issue. So just thought I'd bring it to your attention what was causing my issue.
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