Visual runtime error crash when exit Kodi
Just the other day on my new computer I installed Kodi version Jarvis 16.1

Windows 10 64 bit is what I am running and it is all up to date, the computer has 2gb ram with a Intel processor but here is a link to the exact computer I am using

How I run into the issue is it usually can happen at random times, it does not always happen, but when it does happen it only happens when I exit Kodi which I usually press s and enter on the keyboard to do, most of the time it happens when Kodi has not been open for long, but it does happen at other times

Have searched online for a fix to try to fix this issue but I did not come across anything that has worked for me yet, but I have tried uninstalling all visual runtime packages and running the Kodi installer again after uninstalling the visual runtime packages

Here is the log
You never actually said what your issue is, but I'll assume you means it hangs when you close. It looks like it has to do with the skin helper service.
Thank you for noticing that, yes that is what happens, well that or something similar, the issue is when I close Kodi it hangs for a couple of seconds at which point a window pops up with the visual runtime error which I close at which point Kodi crash to the desktop

The good thing is it only happens when I want to close Kodi and it does not happen all the time but it would be better if it did not happen at all

Not sure what the skin helper service is but if it helps this happens with Aeon Nox and Confluence
Just an update, I have just uninstalled the skin helper service addon and after doing that it feels like Kodi closes faster and not only that it has not crashed once when I exit Kodi and I have started and closed Kodi loads of times to test this, it also feels like Kodi may launch faster but I am not sure about that

There is something that looks clear though, and that is that skin helper service addon does not work as it should on the Kodi I am using, it must not be happening to everyone because I think it could be an issue only 1 out of 100 people face or something like that but is there a way to email the developer of this addon or the developers of Kodi because if needed I can provide more logs if needed or try to help however I can because I would not like this issue happening to anyone else

Now that the addon is uninstalled should I run into any issues? Or is that addon one that Kodi can work without
You can safely uninstall the script, no problem.
The issue you're facing is a timing issue if you close Kodi quickly after launching it.

That issue is fixed already but it will take a few more weeks untll an updated addon version is available on the Kodi repo.
For now just uninstall it if you really hate the issue, worst case you miss some additional info somewhere in your skin.
That is good to know thank you

Have already uninstalled it and will install it again when the next update is released, how will I know when the update has been released though
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