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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2016-12-18, 11:44)flyingernst Wrote: which one is the newer one and has the most benefits for apollo Lake?! #1217 or the piotrasd version from Apollo Lake Threat?!

As far as I know the piotrasd build is LE master but with an alternative kernel, ie. drm-intel-next which includes intel drm changes that should eventually - if accepted - feed into a mainline Linux release (eg. 4.10). I'm not sure which Kodi version is in the piotrasd build, or which version of any other package - it might be Kodi 17b6/7, or it might be Kodi 18a1. It probably doesn't include built-in addons (inputstream.*, pvr.*, game.*)

My builds are also LE master, but with various upgraded components (as detailed in the changelog). So Kodi 18 not Kodi 17, latest addons built-in, but stable kernel (ie. 4.9.0).

I could start building Generic with drm-intel-next but this has a number of potential issues - none of the changes in drm-intel-next are guaranteed to go to mainline which breaks the ethos of my builds (you should, in theory, be able to switch to a future LE release with no loss of functionality), and being an intel-focused kernel this might cause issues for other vendors (nvidia, amd). So I'll be sticking with mainline kernels for my builds.

So to answer the question - my build is generally "newer" in terms of most components, however in this case piotrasd is "newer" because it uses an in-development kernel (but lacks the other upgraded components so might be "older" for those). If all you are concerned with is having the latest kernel - which is why I suggested it to for the stuck frequency - then the piotrasd build is for you.
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