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v18 -  LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
Kodi "master" is now based on Leia, or Kodi 18. See this thread for Kodi 17 (Krypton) testbuilds.

Fair Warning

Kodi 18 is currently alpha and there is likely to be a lot of activity in the coming weeks/months. There will be some breakage.

In addition, these are "bleeding edge" builds - they often contain cherry-picked commits that require early testing prior to merging upstream, and which won't be found in regular nightlies until after they have been merged.

Please continue to report issues in this thread, but as I'm often not responsible for bugs and regressions (unless it's build related) don't expect personal replies or for me to file any upstream bug reports on your behalf. The best you can hope for is that the developer responsible is monitoring this thread and responds appropriately. If you want to progress an issue, identify when the issue first appeared as that may help suggest the pull request (PR) responsible, then post a comment on the relevant github PR or - if it's VideoPlayer related, or you don't know which PR is responsible - on trac.kodi.tv.

Bug reports

Please include a debug log with all bug reports as this greatly increases your chances of anyone taking an interest in your issue.

Best way to do this:
  1. Enable debug logging: Settings > System > Logging > Enable debug logging
  2. Reboot
  3. Reproduce the issue
  4. Upload the log: Settings > LibreELEC > System > Submit Log > Upload latest Kodi log
  5. Post the URL in the forum with a description of the problem
In the case of Kodi crashing use the Upload latest Kodi crash log option.

Bug reports without a suitable log will often be ignored - no debug log, no issue - or at best will take much longer to be investigated.

Skin Usage

By all means use third party skins with these builds (if the skins are compatible), but please do not report problems that cannot be reproduced while using the stock Estuary skin that is included with every build.

If a problem is not reproducible with stock Estuary then it's most likely to be a third-party skin problem, in which case contact the skin maintainer.


You need a working LibreELEC system in order to install a test build. If you are starting from scratch, use an official LibreELEC disk image to create a USB disk installer and with that a working system on your SSD/HHD. Once you have a working system, install the test build by copying the tar file into your Update folder and reboot.

Recent builds (see next post for older builds):
  • #0420, 20-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (Updated DVB drivers; fix missing "Search" in blade menu; fix fractional refresh rate matching in Whitelist)
  • #0419, 19-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (mesa 18.0.1; Whitelist: include DESKTOP resolution, sort list; revert ffmpeg 4.0 for now (revert PR13780))
  • #0418, 19-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (Latest mceusb IR latency fix; libinput mouse wheel fix; GUI: Fix file title)
  • #0417, 18-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (Drop mceusb from IR latency patches; kodi libinput fixes; kill infomanager global)
  • #0416, 16-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.34 kernel; include memtester in build; update IR latency patches)
  • #0415, 15-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: do not render video until a/v streams are in sync; linux: add OptionalsReg for audio drivers; kill global CStereoscopicsManager; [guiinfo] Major refactoring of CGUIInfoManager; lirc: redesign, fix)
  • #0409, 09-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.33 kernel; have ServiceBroker return a pointer for WinSystem; [Music]Refactor Artist/Album Information Dialog; add OnResume, OnAVChange and OnAVStart to jsonRPC notifications; verify add-on zip authenticity) **PULLED**: major IR related regression
  • #0407, 07-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (Whitelist fix; fix double busy dialog on playback start)
  • #0406, 07-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (kill global g_graphicsContext, g_textureManager, and g_LargeTextureManager; PVR API 5.9.0 updates)
  • #0405, 05-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (Move all platform specific code to platform's folders.; [Estuary] Reintroduce/fix busy dialog animations after #13715.)
  • #0404, 04-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (Updated Intel WiFi firmware for 3xxx and 7xxx chipsets)
  • #0403, 03-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.32 kernel; update firmware files for Intel Bluetooth 9560, 9260, 8265 and 8260; [xbmc] Allow enter an user domain in GUI for SMB protocol.; use OpenSSL for hash calculation)
  • #0402, 02-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (Remove Audio DSP)
  • #0401, 01-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (kill global g_windowManager)
  • #0331, 01-Apr-2018: Generic -- Release post (AE, VideoPlayer, Binary Addon fixes)
  • #0330, 30-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Updated kernel-firmware - new audio firmware for Broxton, Skylake, Kabylake and Geminilake)
  • #0329, 29-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.31 kernel; player: re-add busy dialog on start)
  • #0328, 28-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (RPi, Generic: backport proposed patch to reduce IR latency; openssl: update to openssl-1.0.2o; mesa: update to mesa-18.0; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-390.48)
  • #0327, 27-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0326, 26-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.30 kernel; more VAAPI bug fixes, enable VP9 support)
  • #0325, 25-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Show VDPAU acceleration settings only for Nvidia, VAAPI for everything else; EGLUtils: Allow windowing system to set EGL context attributes)
  • #0324, 24-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0323, 23-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Remove use of g_application from CApplication; bump meson-0.45)
  • #0322, 22-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.29 kernel; EGL cleanup and consolidation)
  • #0321, 21-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Remove Intel vendor check, allow AMD to use VAAPI; updated: mesa 18.0-rc5)
  • #0320, 20-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Add PR:2403 for AMD R600/RadeonSI (AMD/VAAPI pt2))
  • #0319, 19-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (VAAPI support (HEVC, 10-bit etc.) for recent AMD GPUs)
  • #0318, 18-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (GuiInfoManager: Restore Announcements; inputstream.adaptive and pvr.mythtv fixes)
  • #0317, 17-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (playlist fixes; inputstream.adaptive fixes; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-390.42)
  • #0316, 16-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.27 kernel; fix playing video strm files with autoplay; more PVR/guiinfo fixes)
  • #0315, 15-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (offload videodb task from mainthread to job)
  • #0314, 14-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.26 kernel; update intel-ucode-20180312; update to Samba 4.8.0; avoid unncecessary DB access by GUI on update Item)
  • #0313, 14-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Samba 4.7.6 (security fix); [PVR][guiinfo][Estuary] Bunch of PVR guiinfo fixes and improvements)
  • #0312, 12-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Various language updates)
  • #0311, 11-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (AE: init struct AESinkRegEntry)
  • #0310, 10-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Revert change that leads to crash at end of playback)
  • #0309, 09-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 18.0a2; fix "firewall off" setting)
  • #0308, 09-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Updated graphics packages (libdrm 2.4.91, llvm 6.0))
  • #0307, 07-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0306, 06-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: VPV - drop obsolete code for ff)
  • #0305, 05-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.24 kernel; VideoPlayer fixes)
  • #0304, 04-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Kodi master is now Kodi 18.0a2; [PVR] Direct channel number input improvement; VideoPlayer: vaapi - do not destruct postproc if buffers are still in use)
  • #0303, 03-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (Updated Gemini/Kable Lake WiFi firmware; updated llvm, libdrm, mesa-18.0-rc4; libreELEC Settings with additional language support for connman firewall rules)
  • #0302, 03-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: videobuffers, fix memleak, allow to have more pools of same type)
  • #0301, 01-Mar-2018: Generic -- Release post ([Music]Refactor Song Information Dialog)
  • #0228, 28-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (DVB: add all new dvb devices that come since 4.9 (in Linux PR))
  • #0227, 27-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0226, 26-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.22 kernel)
  • #0225, 25-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: OpenGL - make sure rgb values are not neg after yuv2rgb (fix artefacts))
  • #0224, 24-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (mesa: update to mesa-17.3.5)
  • #0223, 23-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.21 kernel)
  • #0222, 22-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (FIX: [3D] reset datacache value between plays (by fernet); kernel-firmware: update to kernel-firmware-7344ec9)
  • #0221, 21-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Rendering: remove rendercaps)
  • #0220, 20-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post ([cleanup] silence sign compare warning)
  • #0219, 19-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.20 kernel; tvheadend add hdhomerun; consolidate subtitle dialogs)
  • #0218, 18-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (paplayer (vp): fix out-of-bounds error in audiocodec passthrough; OpenGL: fix NaN in shaders)
  • #0217, 18-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (busybox: bump package to v1.28.1; [Estuary] - fix info display for sets; python: Normalize Python exception; RetroPlayer GL(ES)/GUI fixes)
  • #0216, 16-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Controller topology (multitap support); libnfs updates)
  • #0215, 15-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (libnfs: status variable for the callback function is error)
  • #0214, 14-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (RetroPlayer: Input fixes)
  • #0213, 13-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (libva: update libva/libva-utils/intel-vaapi-driver 2.1.0)
  • #0212, 12-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post ([input] InputManager: fix typo for `lirc.start` command)
  • #0211, 11-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Ensure larger objects are heap allocated to avoid stack overflows.; [libdvd] latest versions libdvdcss 1.4.1 libdvdread/libdvdnav 6.0.0)
  • #0210, 10-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Tvh update and scan-tables; [input] Re-factor remote control; [xbmc][fix] Use fmt for logging as well.; [cec] Add settings for configuring button repeats; input: Fix broken volume and mute button on remote; vaapi fixes, OpenGL tonemapping; Atheros ath10k support)
  • #0209, 09-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.18 kernel)
  • #0208, 09-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Games: Mouse remapping support; retroPlayer: Update OpenGL/ES Renderers and use RGB565)
  • #0207, 07-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Samba 4.7.5 / gdb / libjpeg-turbo / sqlite / tz); VideoPlayer: OpenGL - fix limited range fpr 10 > 8 bit)
  • #0206, 06-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: OpenGL - do colorspace conversion in linear RGB; fixed: return actual position for seek in file cache; changed: drop XbmcThread::NonCopyable)
  • #0205, 06-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.17 kernel; switch from MySQL client to MariaDB client; bump glibc-2.27, systemd-237, etc.)
  • #0204, 04-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: opengl - fix yuv2rgb; [addons] don't use event load/unload in conjunction with async events; [addons] refactor dependecy tuples to a struct)
  • #0203, 03-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Move several of the platform specific threading mechanisms to C++11 standard; Games: Keyboard remapping support)
  • #0202, 02-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Update to gcc-7.3.0 with full Spectre v2 mitigation)
  • #0201, 01-Feb-2018: Generic -- Release post (Switch ksoftirqd revert to Linus Torvalds fix for DVB issues)
  • #0131, 31-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.16 kernel; [xbmc] refactor instantiation of storage provider and power manager syscalls)
  • #0130, 30-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Add 64KB SMB chunksize to Kodi PR; add POLARIS12 pci ids)
  • #0129, 29-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-390.25; [GLES] more shader cleanup; config: enable CONFIG_BPF_SYSCALL and CONFIG_CGROUP_BPF)
  • #0128, 28-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Configurable MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD_; [videoplayer] Fix vdpau crash after #13428)
  • #0127, 28-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Fix LiveTV OSD issue with OK remote button; VideoPlayer: rewrite yuv to rgb conversion for OpenGL)
  • #0126, 26-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (lirc: use it only for user-configured remotes; mesa: update to mesa-17.3.3)
  • #0125, 26-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.15 kernel; curl: update to curl-7.58.0; GLES cleanups)
  • #0124, 24-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0123, 23-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (filesystem: set proper chunk size for smb; VideoPlayer: expose encoded display metadata to renderer; drop flawed Intel ucode 20180108)
  • #0122, 22-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (paplayer: fix bookmark at end of playback)
  • #0121, 21-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (AE: fix compensation distance; videoPlayer: fix stereoscopic playback (PR:13395); VideoPlayer: vaapi - fix bob and yadif methods)
  • #0120, 20-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Music Artwork Consistently Available To GUI)
  • #0119, 19-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post ([pm] resume last played media after sleep)
  • #0118, 18-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post ([video] Fix CGUIWindowVideoBase::GetResumeItemOffset after #13288)
  • #0117, 17-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.14 kernel with retpoline enabled; updated curl linking)
  • #0116, 16-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Input fixes and modernization; [PVR][Estuary] Guide window: Channel groups selector; update to xf86-video-nvidia-legacy-340.106)
  • #0115, 15-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: fix segfault when stopping bluray playback; restore Ouya controller support)
  • #0114, 14-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Update new splash screen for v18 alpha; x11: fix videosync on Intel; [xbmc] Link against curl instead of using dlopen.)
  • #0113, 13-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post ([gui] include now supports nested element processing; iwlwifi-firmware-b594d28; xorg-server-1.19.6)
  • #0112, 12-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (Application: Set volume after opening file; [gui] refactor window is topmost methods; Add a platform abstraction for temp files / directories; mesa/xf86-video-intel: bump to 17.3.2/028c946)
  • #0111, 11-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post ([fix] boolean condition window.is does not work properly; RendererDRMPRIME: add atomic support)
  • #0110, 10-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.13 kernel and Intel ucode; [RFC] Get rid of frames-(m)sec conversion; VideoPlayer: fix audio/subtitle delay)
  • #0109, 09-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (AE: register setting handlers inside ActiveAE; [PVR][Estuary] PVRInfoPanel: Add percent played progress bar)
  • #0108, 08-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.12 kernel with KPTI (Meltdown) and Bay Trail fixes; systemd: persist persistent timer stamps; util-linux: Add systemd service, timer for fstrim)
  • #0107, 07-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post ([fix] register settings callback for weather manager is called before it is ready; videoPlayer: fixes)
  • #0106, 06-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (bump pulseaudio 11.1, alsa-lib/alsa-utils 1.1.5, mysql-5.7.20, xf86-video-nvidia-384.111; [fix] weather manager; [PVR] Fix OSD player times)
  • #0105, 05-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (fix and simplify PlayFile; videoPlayer: OpenVideoStream and m_pInputStream fixes)
  • #0104, 04-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (New Kodi splash; revert ksoftirqd commit - fixes DVB issues)
  • #0103, 03-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (iptables: Add default net filters; Fix certain home screen widgets not refreshing; [gui][fix] need splash window in history to render it properly)
  • #0102, 02-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (PVR logo, timeshift gui info fixes; openGL: some fixes)
  • #0101, 01-Jan-2018: Generic -- Release post (busybox: enable brctl)

Feature Requests:
I will not be adding extra add-hoc packages to these builds as that is not their purpose, which is to help test bug fixes and enhancements for existing features/packages/drivers in stock LibreELEC. New functionality may be included for testing purposes if it is considered both beneficial and highly likely to be merged upstream in the near future, and is available as a github pull request or commit.

I have no desire to create builds with unique features upon which someone becomes dependent, as this benefits nobody in the long term not even those using the unique features once I stop creating new builds. In theory, when I stop creating new builds you should all be able to seamlessly switch back to official LibreELEC builds which by then should be including most if not all of the enhancements originally tested in these builds.

If you care about long term support for your favourite package, feature or driver and want to see it included in an LibreELEC build, contact the LibreELEC developers on github or post on the LibreELEC.tv forum requesting the addition of support in the base LibreELEC build (or better yet, create a Pull Request with patch). That way everyone building or using an LibreELEC derived system "wins".

Additional Testing Notes:
  1. Build references

    When reporting issues, refer to builds using only the published build codes, ie. #0215, #0216 etc. The build code is visible on the boot screen, and by typing "lsb_release".

    Do NOT use any other reference, as these are often meaningless. For instance, the LibreELEC github revision identifier, 20272, 20281 etc. can be used by more than one build if nothing changes in LibreELEC between successive builds meaning such references could identify multiple builds, rendering it useless as a unique reference.

    Anyone using the wrong reference will be ignored by me, possibly others, as I'm just not interested in working out which build you may or may not be referring to.

  2. Usage information

    Starting with build #0529(2014), very limited usage information will be collected during the first boot of each newly installed build. The information collected is: build# and build type (Generic). No IP or personal information is collected!

    If you wish to opt out of data collection, run the following command:
    touch /storage/.config/milhouse.dnt
    The purpose of this data collection is really just to get an idea of how much testing is being carried out and on what hardware, and would otherwise be achieved via non-opt out server logs if such logs were available (which they're not).

  3. (Intentionally left blank)

  4. Builds since early Dec 2014 include crashlog support

    In the event of a crash, the file /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crashlog_<ccyymmddhhmmss>.log will be created. The symbolic link "/storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log" will always point to the latest crashlog. Upload one of these files to a paste site and post details on the forum.

    Debug builds are occasionally uploaded to the debug folder. Debug builds will usually include more detailed crashlog information, but require a larger System partition (at least 384MB) and more RAM.

    Use the following command to upload the most recent crashlog:
    cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log | pastebinit

  5. Resizing partitions for debug-enabled builds (or undersized partitions that result in "CHECKING SIZE: FAILED" errors)

    The default FAT partitition created by a disk-image installation (prior to OpenELEC 6.0.1) is too small for a debug-enabled build (and even some of the more experimental non-debug builds depending on what features are included), and will need to be increased in size to 512MB using some of the free space allocated to the second ext4 partition.

    To resize the FAT and ext4 partitions of an existing installation:
    • Linux: use gparted to resize FAT/ext4 partitions
    • Windows: use MiniTool Partition Wizard. See this post for more details - unfortunately partition move/resize is not supported by MiniTool for ext4 filesystems so backup, delete/recreate ext4, then restore to resize the Storage partition
    • Windows: An alternative solution is to boot a Linux "LiveCD" and then use gparted

    Starting with OpenELEC 6.0.1 (and all LE release) disk image installations will now create a 512MB FAT partition although this will wipe all existing data - use the backup/restore procedure to save existing data.

  6. Amazon Prime / Netflix / inputstream.adaptive
    Amazon is working working (as of 03 July 2017)
    Netflix is currently working (as of 29 Jun 2017)

    These builds include the inputstream.adaptive addon, which is enabled by default.

    With inputstream.adaptive it is possible to view Netflix and Amazon Prime content. To do so, you will need to install the libwidevinecdm.so library:
    curl -Ls http://nmacleod.com/public/libreelec/getwidevine.sh | bash

    Amazon Prime addons (valid Amazon Prime account required):


    Netflix addon (valid Netflix account required):


  7. LibreELEC Settings add-on Development Updates
    For these builds since #0612, enter a URL into a Custom Channel, selecting from the following URLs based on your hardware:
    RPi Zero/RPi1: http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/RPi
    RPi2/RPi3:     http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/RPi2
    Generic (x86): http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/Generic
    then select "Milhouse-9.0" as the Update Channel (or "Milhouse-8.0" for builds before #0202).

  8. Clean builds - what are they?
    There are two ways to build LE: a "clean" build, where everything (every package) is built from scratch - this takes 2.5 to 3 hours - or there's an "incremental" build where only the packages that have changed from the last build are re-built - this is much quicker, usually 10-15 minutes depending on the number of packages that have changed.

    Obviously "incremental" builds are the preferred method since they're so much quicker, however there are consequences when packages have inter-dependencies and only some of those packages are changed (and thus rebuilt) which may result in unpredictable results at run-time. For this reason, every now and again it's a good idea to "clean build". Also, when there are a large number of core packages being updated/bumped it's also a good idea to "clean build" since the likelihood/risk of inter-dependency is so much greater.

    I'll sometimes make a point of mentioning in the build highlights when a build is of the "clean build" variety, mainly so that I remember this if/when I come back to this build for any reason in another 6 months time... Note that I won't always do this as I'll sometimes forget to mention it, so the lack of any reference to "clean build" should not be taken as confirmation that the build is incremental.

  9. Uploading debug logs
    Without a debug log there's often no way to investigate a problem, and you can expect your bug report to be ignored as a result. This is the easiest way to upload a debug log:
    1. Enable debug logging. If this is not possible in the GUI (because Kodi is crashing) then add the following to /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml:
    2. Reboot, so that debug logging is in effect from the very start of Kodi
    3. Reproduce the problem
    4. Using ssh connect to LibreELEC (username: root, password: libreelec)
    5. Execute the command:
      cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | pastebinit
      then paste the resulting url to the forum

    Debug logging is enabled in Settings > System Settings > Logging > Enable debug log. Sometimes component-specific logging may be useful depending on the issue.

    Do NOT upload the log itself to the forum! Always us a pastebin-type site (or dropbox/googledrive if you have to compress the log).

  10. Game Emulators
    Access games via Internet Archive ROM Launcher (IARL):
    1. Download Zach Morris Repo and install from zip (don't use "Install from zip file" Home screen widget - use Add-ons > Add-on browser > Install from zip file)
    2. Install from repository > Zach Morris Add-ons > Game add-ons > Game providers > Internet Archive ROM Launcher
    3. Within IARL, install emulators, launch games etc.

  11. Odds and sods
    1. A selection of addons are available here
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Previous builds:
  • #1231, 31-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.10 kernel; switch mode whitelist from ints to strings)
  • #1230, 31-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post ([JSON-RPC]Add "art" parameter to audio library Get and Set methods; PR:13274 Mode whitelist; updated crazycat drivers)
  • #1229, 30-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.9 kernel; OpenGL: boost shader performance for Lanczos3 optimized; [PVR] Fix crash when enabling a PVR client addon)
  • #1228, 28-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Inputstream, PVR API 5.8.0 changes)
  • #1227, 28-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Drop log upload authentication, still using ix.io; samba: update to samba-4.7.4; bluez: update to 5.48)
  • #1226, 26-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Switch from sprunge.us to ix.io)
  • #1225, 25-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1224, 24-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (windowing/gbm fixes; controller dialog: Wheel and throttle support)
  • #1223, 23-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (ifdef, TexturePacker and seek fixes)
  • #1222, 22-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post ([pvr] no delay on switch to previous channel with key 0)
  • #1221, 21-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1220, 20-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Add video tag loaders; inputstream.adaptive: Fix single-file subtitle seek)
  • #1219, 20-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix CPVREpgContainer::CreateChannelEpg not to change channel's)
  • #1218, 19-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.7 kernel; update to systemd-236; wayland support)
  • #1217, 17-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (AESinkPULSE: Make default sink handling more failsafe; drop "Change Python sys.path population order")
  • #1216, 16-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-amdgpu: instruct xorg to load the amdgpu driver; change Python sys.path population order; passthrough: drop kernel patch, force full range (may fix "dark GUI" issue?))
  • #1214, 14-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.6 kernel; drop gcc5/Nuvoton/Ouya patches; libcec: Fix LG tv always changing input)
  • #1213, 13-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (More AE fixes)
  • #1212, 12-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.5 kernel; restore ALSA/Pulse co-existence patch; shadow passwd file: overwrite if root is missing)
  • #1211b, 11-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post ([videoplayer][PVR] Make next/previous chapter work for PVR recordings; cmake cpp14; revert PR13171)
  • #1210, 10-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Drop ALSA/Pulse patch; bump cmake-3.10.0, mesa-17.3.0; fix /var/run symlink; AE: cleanup the mess in AESinkFactory; build Kodi using LTO)
  • #1208, 09-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix file permissions on shadow file; prevent weak/bad root passwords; openssl 1.0.2n and heimdal 7.5.0; nss-mdns library and avahi socket fixes; PVR database query fix; fontconfig fix for custom subtitle fonts)
  • #1207, 07-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] PVR manager: last PVR core component is now free from GUI code; videoPlayer: fix segfault; update kernel-firmware)
  • #1206, 07-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Reintroduce media_tree (hauppauge, crazycat) drivers; allow root password to be changed)
  • #1205, 05-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.4 kernel; updated kernel-firmware (add firmware for Intel Bluetooth 9260/9560))
  • #1204, 04-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR][Estuary] radio recordings fix + improvement; [linux][gbm] cleanup, fixes, and atomic prep; updated kernel-firmware (AMD Raven, Vega10 VCE, Skylake DMC))
  • #1203, 03-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Completely reworked playing flags. Moved almost all logic to PVR Manager; videoPlayer: add support for programs)
  • #1202, 02-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minor change)
  • #1201, 01-Dec-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.3 kernel; VideoPlayer: fix detection of program change; VideoPlayer: drop recording related methods)
  • #1130, 30-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (vfs.libarchive added; [PVR] CPVRClient(s): Some more improvements)
  • #1129, 29-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Drop vfs.libarchive while testing some build issues; pvr.argustv with authenticated smb support)
  • #1128, 29-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post ([videoplayer] Show stream flags in the gui; [PVR] Cleanup: No more GUI stuff in class CPVRTimerInfoTag; ffmpeg hevc patch cleanup)
  • #1127, 27-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Refactor info scanners)
  • #1126, 26-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix keyboard input; fix vfs.libarchive build; drop incorrect locks of graphicsContext)
  • #1125, 25-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Add vfs.rar, vfs.libarchive addons; update linux-firmware; [PVR] CPVRClients: cleanup and optimization)
  • #1124, 24-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.2 kernel; kill g_Windowing, another nasty global; videoPlayer: various fixes)
  • #1123, 23-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: add demuxer id to StreamInfo)
  • #1122, 22-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (buildsystem: rework build script; libcec: disable git depends; changed: put the network class in the service manager)
  • #1121, 21-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.1 kernel; update to Samba 4.7.3; new videodb amd musicdb schemas (v109 and v69 respectively); ffmpeg: hevc: Split gpu codec into separate hw accelerated codec)
  • #1120, 20-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update kernel 4.14 IR handling to prevent double key presses; update safe mode, improved log uploading)
  • #1119, 19-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (embed splash into render system; add Kodi support for Samba "client min protocol" (allowing SMB1 to be completely disabled), and legacy security)
  • #1118, 18-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1117, 17-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (kodi: start separating render loop from main thread; include remote control timeout fix for 4.14; pvr.argustv re-enabled)
  • #1116, 16-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (jsoncpp deprecated function changes in PVR addons)
  • #1115, 15-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Samba: update to samba-4.7.2)
  • #1114, 14-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump jsoncpp 1.8.3; fix channel icons with pvr.vuplus)
  • #1113, 13-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix RTL8812AU and RTL8192EU drivers after linux-4.14; kodi: vfs addon updates)
  • #1112, 12-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.14.0 kernel; [PVR] PVR client cleanup and improvement)
  • #1111, 11-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (u-boot rework; edid-decode: add package)
  • #1110, 10-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.12 kernel)
  • #1109, 09-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post ([LE9] samba: fix misleading "file exists" message on login error; ova: bump virtual hw version to 12)
  • #1108, 08-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive, peripheral.joystick fixes; connman.py: More secure default password for tethering; fix parsing settings.xml in oe_setup_addon)
  • #1107, 07-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Various language updates)
  • #1106, 06-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post ([GUI] revert scrollbar initialization from #12213; [PVR] Fix handling of epg tag attributes 'cast', 'writer', 'director' and 'genre')
  • #1104, 04-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post ([Music]Information Provider dialog)
  • #1103, 03-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.11 kernel)
  • #1102, 02-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.7.1; xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-374.98)
  • #1101, 02-Nov-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix JSON-RCP version; fix crash when ending playback; fix seek artefacts/green screen since ffmpeg-3.4)
  • #1031, 31-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive and PlayerController fixes)
  • #1030, 30-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Kodi: update version check, Estuary, music export)
  • #1029, 29-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fixes/Improvements for multiple enable PVR client addons; correctly scrape tvshow titles that include "?"; connman: timeserver: Retry NTP servers periodically on startup; remove unneeded glu et al)
  • #1028, 28-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Reintroduce pvr.filmon, pvr.pctv and pvr.stalker; [PVR] Fix epg and pvr database reset)
  • #1027, 27-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.10 kernel)
  • #1026, 26-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix for PVR service restart issue)
  • #1025, 25-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump jsoncpp, avahi and nss-mdns; encapsulate videoSettings into player)
  • #1024, 25-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Revert updated full-range color passthrough patch; update libva, intel-vaapi-driver, mesa, libdrm, curl, others; fix Win10 Samba authentication)
  • #1023, 23-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1022, 22-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.9 kernel; drop global CAudioSettings)
  • #1021, 21-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update to systemd-235 and build with meson)
  • #1020, 20-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.8 kernel; update to ffmpeg-3.4 (3.4-Leia-Alpha-1))
  • #1019, 19-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (xbmc.json fix mk2)
  • #1018, 18-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix for xbmc.json that resulted in some addons being disabled; tvheadend42: changed to ffmpegx)
  • #1017, 17-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (wpa_supplicant: add security patches against KRACK attack)
  • #1016, 16-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.7 kernel; drop RTL8814AU and revert back to paspro repo)
  • #1015, 15-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (libnfs fixes; ncurses, libgcrypt updates)
  • #1014, 14-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Python2: update to Python-2.7.14)
  • #1013, 13-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.6 kernel; xorg-server: update to xorg-server-1.19.5; pvr.vdr.vsni adapt to OpenGL >= 3.2, with fixes)
  • #1012, 13-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Add RTL8812AU and RTL8814AU from aircrack-ng; update RTL8188EU; update LE service wrapper)
  • #1010, 10-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (boost: update to 1.65.1)
  • #1009, 09-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix for transparency issue; possible fix for vblank/tearing issue)
  • #1008, 08-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1007, 07-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (xorg-server: update to xorg-server-1.19.4)
  • #1006, 06-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.5 kernel; disabled media_build due to conflicts)
  • #1005, 05-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix deadlocks on enable/disable addons; openGL: move away from fixed function pipeline)
  • #1004, 04-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1003, 03-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Reintroduce media_build package instead of as a seperate overlay (PR1835); update to mesa-17.2.2)
  • #1002, 03-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: expose stereo mdoe to dataCache; pulseaudio: set remixing-use-all-sink-channels = no)
  • #1001, 01-Oct-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0930, 30-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0929, 29-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.4 kernel; mesa: update to 17.2.1)
  • #0928, 28-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Updated "Make PVR database threadsafe")
  • #0927, 27-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (PR:12844: [PVR] Make PVR database threadsafe.; drop PR:12715)
  • #0926, 26-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Re-enable pvr.octonet; fix addon installation broken in #0923)
  • #0925, 25-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.7.0)
  • #0924, 25-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (RetroPlayer: Add renderer for Windows, OpenGL, OpenGLES and MMAL)
  • #0923, 23-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix visuals with xf86-video-nvidia; updated OSD channel preselection PR:12823)
  • #0922, 23-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.3 kernel; [PVR] Fix channel OSD dialog channel preselection.)
  • #0921, 21-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update samba-4.6.8, bluez-5.47, xf86-video-nvidia-384.90; VideoPlayer: fixes for audio delay; AE: fix pause bursts)
  • #0920, 20-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update Intel HBR and ELD patches to v2; restore pvr.njoy)
  • #0919, 19-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post ([X11] factor out glx support; update to 3.3.4-Leia-Alpha-1; restore pvr.vbox; fix Intel HBR Passthrough and ELD connector type issues; update xf86-video-nvidia-legacy to 340.104)
  • #0918, 18-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: smooth motion; re-enable pvr.nextpvr)
  • #0917, 17-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (squashfs: update to squashfs-1a6ffc7)
  • #0916, 16-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (AE: allow bigger maxError when not in sync)
  • #0915, 15-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg hevc updates from RPi newclock5; player state fixes)
  • #0914, 14-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.2 kernel; RTL8192EU: Update to new branch; add pvr.teleboy)
  • #0913, 13-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.1 kernel; PR:12797: VideoPlayer: make OpenFile asynchron)
  • #0912, 12-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (LinuxRendererGLES: implement hq scalers; Python: use /dev/urandom; pvr.wmc included; add ath3k firmware for Chromebook BT)
  • #0911, 11-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0910, 10-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (AE: some fixes and limit of max error; inputstream.adaptive fixes; SPDIF: Make it possible to use 352 khz and 384 khz)
  • #0909, 09-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Add custom samba config validation; fix llvm 5.0 issues)
  • #0908, 08-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (HEVC playback: Fix playback with software HEVC decode; update wireless-regdb)
  • #0907, 07-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Drop PR12311 - needs rebase; re-enable ftrace; [PVR] Fix issue that required "Stop" before playback of a recording)
  • #0906, 06-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (New addon: pvr.zattoo; [PVR] Fix channel switching during playback)
  • #0905, 05-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (ibnfs v4 updates; [pvr] PVR Addon API 5.7.1; mesa-17.2.0; llvm-5.0.0rc4; pulseaudio-11.0; iwlwifi-firmware update for 4.13.0)
  • #0904, 05-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.13.0 kernel; fix for individual movie scraping; VC-1 on Intel playback intensity compensation fixes; kernel overlays addon now includes support for firmware)
  • #0903, 03-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix title missing in recordings OSD.; add contextmenu option to remove resume points)
  • #0902, 02-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Change context menu items for 'in progress' recordings.; RTL8812AU: allow LED on/of)
  • #0901, 01-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post ([cec] Fix power messages handling.; VideoPlayer: vdpau - fix black screen after reset)
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Previous builds:
  • #0831, 01-Sep-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0830, 30-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.10 kernel; binary addon API update)
  • #0829, 29-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix ssh breakage after samba workgroup/min/max change)
  • #0828, 28-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update dbus-1.11.16, connman-1.35; Kodi EPG fixes)
  • #0827, 27-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Samba server: Add configuration support for workgroup, server min and server max protocol; RetroPlayer: Add renderer for Windows, OpenGL and OpenGLES)
  • #0826, 26-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive and RetroPlayer fixes)
  • #0825, 25-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.9 kernel; fix for FUSE when mounting exFAT; Samba auto-sharing, brcmfmac43430-sdiofixes; PVR Addon API 5.7.0mesa-17.2.0-rc5)
  • #0824, 24-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.8 kernel; update intel-vaapi-driver, libva and libva-utils to 1.8.3; inputstream.adaptive: libssd_wv.so, audio description, build improvements)
  • #0823, 23-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix inputstream.adaptive crash with Amazon)
  • #0822, 22-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update to xf86-video-nvidia-384.69; inputstream.adaptive manifest updates)
  • #0821, 21-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (pvr.mediaportal.tvserver restored to build; update to samba-4.6.7)
  • #0820, 20-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0819, 19-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (switch back to standard ncurses)
  • #0818, 18-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Use 7zip to create addon archives; add audio description stream identification)
  • #0817, 17-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix seeking in inputstream.adaptive; fix component logging; wayland changes merged)
  • #0816, 17-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Amazon flicker fix (PR12679))
  • #0815, 15-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update to gcc-7.2.0 (final) and glib-2.53.5; more PVR cleanup and updates; more inputstream.adaptive updates)
  • #0814, 14-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (PVR Addon API 5.6.0 (breaks pvr.argustv which no longer builds); inputstream.adaptive updates)
  • #0813, 13-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.7 kernel; CEC labels fixed; inputstream.adaptive updates)
  • #0812, 12-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (lirc updated to lirc-0.10 (PR:1726 updated))
  • #0811, 11-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (CrazyCat users: This is now an addon; kernel overlays installed sooner - hopefully fixes issue with FUSE module)
  • #0810, 11-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix tvheadend issue (PR12656, thanks @peak3d))
  • #0809, 10-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump ggc to 7.2-RC-20170808, binutils 2.29)
  • #0808, 08-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (New firmware; new 4.12.5 kernel; fix broken pvr.iptvsimple; busybox dd conv=fsync fix)
  • #0807, 07-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (pvr.argustv and pvr.mythtv: restored to build; sqlite: update to sqlite-autoconf-3200000; inputstream.adaptive updates)
  • #0806, 07-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump to gcc-7.1 and glibc-2.26; pvr.hdhomerun and pvr.iptvsimple: restored to build; [PVR] Fix channel preview OSD)
  • #0805, 06-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive update)
  • #0804, 04-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive updates; PVR API 5.5.0; fix crash if a button in joystick.xml has no action; VAAPI: fix hevc interop test)
  • #0803, 03-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (busybox: update to 1.27.1; PVR fixes; fix: libdvd's stream API doesn't handle incomplete reads well)
  • #0802, 02-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (pvr.vuplus: restored to build; mesa and libdrm update)
  • #0801, 01-Aug-2017: Generic -- Release post (pvr.demo: restored to build; inputstream.adaptive: HLS updates; latest Intel wireless firmware for 4.12.y)
  • #0731, 31-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (kernel-firmware: cleanup - drop unused/obsolete firmwares, add rt2870 and a few others. Saves 20MB)
  • #0730, 30-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Restore pvr.vbox and inputstream.rtmp)
  • #0729, 29-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.4 kernel)
  • #0728, 28-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (add support for optional kernel modules in image and from addons)
  • #0727, 27-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix Samba deadlock; drop PVR addons that don't build (most of them) after PR12552)
  • #0726, 26-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Fix channel preview OSD after #12510)
  • #0725, 25-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (VDPAU refresh rate fix (doesn't work for me with ION2))
  • #0724, 24-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to xf86-video-nvidia-384.59 (GT 1030 support))
  • #0723, 23-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0722, 22-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Backport "max protocol=SMB3_11" support from Samba 4.7-rc2)
  • #0721, 21-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.3 kernel)
  • #0720, 20-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (samba/heimdal: update to samba-4.6.6 and heimdal-7.4.0; inputstream.adaptive: HDCPOVERRIDE temporary added)
  • #0719, 19-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (RTL8812AU: switch back to paspro, restore RTL8821AU etc. support.; update Intel ucode)
  • #0718, 19-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump libass-0.13.7 and libbluray-1.0.1; RTL8812AU: Switch to gordboy repo; inputstream.adaptive: Switch repo from liberty-developer to peak3d)
  • #0717, 17-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (kodi: [linux] treat rbpi as linux not a separate platform; fix several settings that broke after the last few ServiceManager refactorings)
  • #0716, 16-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.2 kernel; fix black screen when playing games; inputstream.adaptive updates; udev cleanup)
  • #0715, 15-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (inputstream.adaptive: Fix ism / widevine pssh generation)
  • #0714, 14-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.12.1 kernel)
  • #0713, 14-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.10 kernel; amazon/Netflix: Fix buffering issue, red/blue colour swap; libcec updates; install nss/nspr libraries for widevine)
  • #0712, 12-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer fixes; inputstream openstream cleanup (drop inputstream.rtmp); libcec updates, several fixes; inputstream.adaptive update)
  • #0711, 11-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (RTL8812AU: Switch repo from zebulon2 to paspro; net-booting: avoid hang on halt/reboot)
  • #0710, 10-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer update; RTL8812AU: Switch to zebulon2 repository; samba: Allow samba-config.service unlimited restarts)
  • #0709, 09-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (initramfs: enable DNS if network is up)
  • #0708, 08-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (PVR Addon API changes for Leia; new MusicDB schema v66 - better artist and album scraping; generic drm/kms implementation; libnfs updates)
  • #0707, 08-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Kodi: Service Manager, DeviceKit, Musicbrainz throttling, addon cleanup; netbsd-curses, libfmt bump)
  • #0706, 06-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.9 kernel; [settings] change XML format of setting values; inputstream updates; support booting from Realtek SD card reader)
  • #0705, 05-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Addons/Game updates)
  • #0704, 05-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Reinstate updated SIGTERM handler)
  • #0703, 03-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (libnfs updates; inputstream.adaptive - supports 480p)
  • #0702, 02-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0701, 01-Jul-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bluetooth audio switching)
  • #0630, 30-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minor libnfs update)
  • #0629, 29-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (No longer build and include vfs.rar)
  • #0628, 28-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (Addon updates)
  • #0627, 27-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post ([vfs] change addon interface to new C++ style)
  • #0626, 26-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.7 kernel; bump to 3.3.2-Leia-Alpha-1; drop inputstream.rtmp; lirc: update to 0.10.0; updated intel ucode for SKL/KBL hyperthreading)
  • #0623, 23-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (openssl: update to openssl-1.0.2l; [fix][Take II] Nuke 'libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile')
  • #0622, 22-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post ([inputstream] change addon interface to new C++ style; changed: Default libcurl and samba timeout value to 30)
  • #0621, 21-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (Temporary bug fix for wget issue after busybox 1.26.2)
  • #0620, 20-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (Addon interface and audioencoder changes)
  • #0619, 19-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (Addon settings fix; updated PR12300)
  • #0618, 18-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0617, 17-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.6 kernel; PR:12314: [addons/settings] Fix fallout #2; restore bash support in busybox)
  • #0616, 16-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (libnfs 2.0.0; PR:12311: FIX: ensure real filename from videodb in playlists)
  • #0615, 15-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.5 kernel; enable -fPIC for some packages; update libva/mesa/intel-vaapi-driver, busybox, alsa)
  • #0614, 14-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post ([GUI] Prevent parse step of VisibleConditions if expression is already…)
  • #0613, 13-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix ExtendedInfo script/TV Next Aired addons)
  • #0612, 12-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post ([addons] change visualization to new way)
  • #0611, 11-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (XBMC_events, cleanup and fix (fix for PR12272); [network] CHTTPJsonRpcHandler: limit any other request method than POST to ReadData permissions on the JSON-RPC API)
  • #0610, 11-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: update to ffmpeg-3.3.1-Leia-Alpha; revert: SDL Event cleanup)
  • #0609, 09-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (PR:12274: VideoPlayerRadioRDS: Revert ResetRDSCache on init; PR:12276: [addons/settings] Fix fallout #2)
  • #0608, 08-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (More addon changes)
  • #0607, 07-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.4 kernel; more addon changes; fix dirty regions; [settings] move to C++11; [webserver] dont allow jsonrpc over http get)
  • #0606, 06-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (More addons/settings fixups; add CONFIG_B43 module support (linux commit))
  • #0605, 05-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (More Kodi addon updates)
  • #0604, 04-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post ([add-ons/settings] migrate add-on settings to settings library)
  • #0603, 03-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post ([guilib] Evaluate skin expressions everywhere)
  • #0602, 02-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post ([addons] next binary addon gui interface step; revert SIGTERM change (for now))
  • #0601, 01-Jun-2017: Generic -- Release post (libnfs: auto-reconnect changes; handle timeouts better)
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Previous builds:
  • #0531, 31-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([addons] add first step of gui on addon interface; drm/i915: add param to disable auto color range detection (linux))
  • #0530, 30-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update libmicrohttpd to 0.9.55)
  • #0529, 29-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([addons] small cleanup)
  • #0528, 29-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (More addon updates; bump mesa-17.1.1 and libdrm-2.4.81 - this adds support for hi10p hevc with vaapi; tvheadend42 now builds with ffmpeg-3.3)
  • #0527, 27-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (cmake changes; add intel_nuc_led control)
  • #0526, 26-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.3 kernel; PR:352: Fix: set wrong variable (libcec))
  • #0525(2), 25-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([addons] Bring in new binary style (First part))
  • #0525, 25-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Incorrect release code; enable mesa GLES support for Generic/RPi/RPi2; allow using VAAPI with OpenGLES)
  • #0523, 23-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0522, 22-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([addons] remove the 'void ADDON_Stop()' call; PR:1635: firmware: install wifi firmware from linux-firmware, cleanup wlan-firmware)
  • #0521, 21-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.2 kernel; SMBFile: Use 1MB chunks; remove SMB2 restriction from LE Samba Server; enable VAAPI support)
  • #0520, 20-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix for devinput driver in newer version of lirc)
  • #0519, 19-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (CVideoDatabase: fix setting named seasons when updating tvshow details)
  • #0518, 18-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([gui][refactor] rework custom window's visible condition and modality handling)
  • #0517, 17-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Kodi: more addon updates; update SMB GUI settings patch)
  • #0516, 17-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([cmake][addons] automate addon.xml version set; linux: enable fq_codel for all projects; bump smaba to 4.6.3)
  • #0515, 16-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.1 kernel; Samba: Add "client max protocol" as a GUI setting)
  • #0514, 14-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Merge changes from vpupdates branch; fix "inprogresstvshows"; fix libnfs use-after-free; fix Samba service breakage)
  • #0513, 13-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0512, 12-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (New MusicDB schema v64; [Music] Handle duplicate MusicBrainzTrackID within the same album; libnfs fixes)
  • #0511, 11-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([Linux] EGL split up and cleanup; libnfs: more changes; PR:1616: glibc: update to glibc-2.25)
  • #0510, 10-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([filesystem] ZipManager: skip path traversal; webserver improvements; libnfs updates)
  • #0509, 09-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (libnfs updates)
  • #0508, 08-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Large number of package updates)
  • #0507, 07-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.11.0 kernel with support for ALL video drivers (ie. nvidia and nvidia-legacy); intel HDMI/DP LPE audio config)
  • #0506, 06-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Kodi: Estuary language updates; kodi: Settings updates)
  • #0505, 05-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.14 kernel; libnfs: Export nfs_set_timeout() and nfs_get_timeout())
  • #0504, 04-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia: update to 375.66)
  • #0503, 03-May-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR] Another round of code cleanup; libnfs: Fix bug in nfs_link when using the wrong(invalid) handle when dropping cache)
  • #0502, 02-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (pvr.iptvsimple: Revert "change to automatic interface version set")
  • #0501, 01-May-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0430, 30-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Restore pvr.mythtv add-on, switch to janbar repo; fix for guilib version)
  • #0429, 29-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (NOTE: pvr.mythtv temporarily dropped; PVR API bumped to 5.2.2)
  • #0428, 28-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (AESinkAUDIOTRACK: Refactor and separate PCM and Passthrough Enumeration; busybox: enabling CONFIG_FEATURE_USERNAME_COMPLETION)
  • #0427, 27-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.13 kernel; connman: update to 1.34; kodi: Revert "DVDDemuxFFMPEG: Increase FFMPEG_FILE_BUFFER_SIZE to 128K")
  • #0426, 26-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0425, 25-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (AESinkPULSE: Return to PA's delay infrastructure; back to ffmpeg-3.3)
  • #0424, 24-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (PR:12004: changed: always expand iso images in music window; PR:12005: changed: remove internal sftp support; added vfs.sftp addon)
  • #0423, 23-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (FileCache: Increase CHUNK_SIZE to 128 KB)
  • #0422, 22-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.12 kernel)
  • #0421, 21-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0420, 20-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post ([PVR][EPG] Make EPG a subcomponent of PVR)
  • #0419, 19-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Drop ffmpeg-3.3 bump, build with ffmpeg-3.1; media_build: Fix RC6/MCE button repeat issue)
  • #0418, 19-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.11 kernel; media_build: update to 2017-04-17-rpi)
  • #0417, 17-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump mesa, libdrm, libva and vaapi; favourites refactor; [PVR] Fix 'Switch to channel' context menu action after #11747)
  • #0416, 16-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix EPG deadlock)
  • #0415, 15-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (logging: always log skin name and version when loading; paplayer: restore option for replaygain reduction as clipping protection)
  • #0414, 14-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post ([application] load includes before fonts)
  • #0413, 13-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.10 kernel; kernel options cleanup)
  • #0412, 12-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Add vfs.rar binary add-on; add latest Intel Bluetooth and DSP firmware)
  • #0411, 11-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: update to ffmpeg-3.3)
  • #0410, 10-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.9 kernel)
  • #0409, 09-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump iana-etc and timezone-data)
  • #0408, 08-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix seek-to-timecode; PR:1512: Update RTL8192EU to a7fd035)
  • #0407, 07-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (PR:1320: lirc cleanup: switch to upstream fixes and configuration)
  • #0406, 06-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (tvheadend42: update (pngquant); update to RTL8192DU-efc8508; [PVR] Fix timers map after f47956f)
  • #0405, 05-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post ([pvr] no need to run a job to announce channel switch)
  • #0404, 04-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (libnfs: Make nfs_close_async call flush on the file handle before disposing of it)
  • #0403, 03-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0402, 02-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post ([filesystem][dialogs] Add context menus for favourites home screen widget; samba 4.6.2)
  • #0401, 01-Apr-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0331, 31-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.8 kernel)
  • #0330, 31-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (PR:11921: estuary fix watched status for videos)
  • #0329, 29-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Allow Samba to negotiate better than SMB1)
  • #0328, 28-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (samba: update to samba-4.6.1)
  • #0327, 27-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.6 kernel; drop support for Grid series nvidia GPUs)
  • #0326, 26-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (General cleanup of ApplicationMessenger; rapidjson: update to rapidjson-1.1.0)
  • #0325, 25-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix for PVR Manager)
  • #0324, 24-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0323, 23-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.5 kernel; [PVR] Guide window: Fix selection after channelgroup switching)
  • #0322, 22-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update to samba 4.6.0; bluray - restore "Play main title" menu item)
  • #0321, 22-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Support for ip advanced router and add multiple tcp congestion algorithms)
  • #0320, 20-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Drop "Default to CONFIG_TCP_CONG_BBR" and "Fair Queue packet scheduling" test commits; paplayer: replaygain regression; Add support for radio channel groups; Execute recordings actions async)
  • #0319, 19-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post ([addons] Update Chorus; [Fix]Default music artist separators remove colon and "|" (ticket 17401))
  • #0318, 18-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.4 kernel; bluez: build deprecated tools)
  • #0317, 17-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.3 kernel; package updates; fix youtube and other Python add-on startup errors)
  • #0316, 16-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Python error (eg. plugin.video.youtube) caused by PR11814 - notified on github)
  • #0315, 15-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (libcec updates)
  • #0314, 15-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Reorganise project hierarchy, support devices; drop LibreSSL, switch back to OpenSSL; remove all kodi project and arch specific patches)
  • #0313, 13-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.2 kernel; [PVR] Fix trac17374: Settings deinitialized too early on app exit.)
  • #0312, 12-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (v4l-utils: fix rc_maps override and other issues)
  • #0311, 11-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Switch from YAJL to RapidJSON)
  • #0310, 10-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (PR:1347: merge xml files during installation of kodi; libnfs: Fix lots of double free bugs, and two tiny build script improvements)
  • #0309, 09-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0308, 08-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix for volume indicator and library update progress percentage)
  • #0307, 07-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0306, 06-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Remove CStdString (kodi-platform))
  • #0305, 06-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (VidoePlayer: make no-key-frame-fallback dependent on fps)
  • #0304, 04-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0303, 03-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix IR decoder modules not loading automatically (media_build); socket: Limit reconnect retries to 10 (libnfs); [Fix][Backport]Music cleanup hanging on large MySQL databases)
  • #0302, 02-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (Update pycryptodome - add Cryptodome sym link)
  • #0301, 01-Mar-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.1 kernel; switch from pycrypto to pycryptodome; update libdrm build options, disable libkms)
  • #0228, 28-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0227, 27-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0226, 26-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix rumble always enabled; [addons] fix InstallUpdatesAndWait; adjust cputemp/gputemp script)
  • #0225, 25-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump mesa 17.0.0 and llvm 3.9.1; Estuary PVR fixes; AE: use iec pause bursts only for audio sync)
  • #0224, 24-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post ([estuary] sync pt2)
  • #0223, 23-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Estuary Sync pt1; reintroduce media_build package)
  • #0222, 22-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Temporarily drop media_build package (remote control issues))
  • #0221, 21-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Search backwards for keyframe when resuming playback)
  • #0220, 20-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.10.0 kernel; fix projectM (test version in addons folder))
  • #0219, 19-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Reintroduce "Revert treating iso as file folder"; [Fix] Songs smart playlists 3 x slower; libnfs: memory leak fix)
  • #0218, 18-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (New MusicDB schema v62)
  • #0217, 18-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Exclude ffmpeg changes until build issues resolved; Harmony fix)
  • #0216, 16-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.10 kernel)
  • #0215, 16-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (New MusicDB schema v61 - forced tag rescan stored in db; bump nvidia driver to 375.39 and nvidia-legacy to 340.102)
  • #0214, 14-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Re-add updated PR:1327: [master] input: change input repeat config; add missing Bluetooth "Connect" option for already trusted devices)
  • #0213, 13-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (v4l-utils: update to 1.12.2; FFmpegImage change alignment; drop PR:1327)
  • #0212, 12-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer: fix edl skipping; input: change input repeat config; imagedecoder.raw: add add-on)
  • #0211, 11-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0210, 10-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.9 kernel; fix libnfs memory leak; alsa-lib: conf: Add card config for Intel HDMI/DP LPE audio)
  • #0209, 09-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (libnfs updates)
  • #0208, 08-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Estuary fixes; PR:1295: lirc: simplify scripts; PR:11163: Fix silent failure when game add-on can't be installed)
  • #0207, 07-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Include media_build patch for pctv452)
  • #0206, 06-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Drop jemalloc, switch to MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD_=512KB; controller fixes)
  • #0205, 05-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (Run kodi with jemalloc; PR:1281: fix lirc cross-compilation and non-working left/right keys; Implement in-game saves; fix queueing .strm and .pls music files; libnfs update)
  • #0204, 04-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.8 kernel; PR:11615: [PVR] Fix trac17246 - another approach)
  • #0203, 03-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (PVR, EPG and controller fixes; eventlircd/gpio update)
  • #0202, 02-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (LibreELEC 9.0; use lower case table names in query; merge Virtual project into Generic)
  • #0201, 01-Feb-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.7 kernel; PulseAudio, mesa and libdrm bumps)
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Previous builds:
  • #0131, 31-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (FIX: [regression] URL encoding is case-insentive)
  • #0130, 30-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.6 kernel; alternative add-on cache fix; drop HEVC 10-bit support - wait for merge to kodi master)
  • #0129, 29-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0128, 28-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer fixes)
  • #0127, 27-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (media_build: use PR version of rc fix; don't clear directory cache on window init)
  • #0125, 25-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (media_build: fix for remote controls)
  • #0124, 24-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.5 kernel; libcec, libnfs, kodi updates; updated media_build package)
  • #0117, 18-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump e2fsprogs and populatefs; default to CONFIG_TCP_CONG_BBR; disable ADSP support)
  • #0116, 16-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.4 kernel; bitstream refactor / VC1Bitstream parser; revert ISO/filedirectory fix)
  • #0115, 15-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New AddonsDB schema v27; add support for SMB File Rename if same share)
  • #0114, 14-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (PR:1176: remove and rework kodi patches; PR:1179: lirc: fix [email protected])
  • #0113, 13-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.3 kernel; [cmake] fix libdvd depends build)
  • #0112, 12-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump openvpn, xf86-video-intel; update xorg pci ids (PR:1162))
  • #0111, 11-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (lirc: check for socket in lircd-uinput.service; mesa: update 13.0.3; xorg-server: add patch to match pci ids with mesa)
  • #0110, 10-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0109, 10-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.2 kernel; bump GUI ABI)
  • #0108, 08-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Include media_build; fluxbox: start applications maximized by default; move back to DRI2)
  • #0107, 07-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.1 kernel; minor libcec and libnfs updates)
  • #0106, 06-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0105, 05-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Fix crash due to too many streams)
  • #0104, 04-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Cmake fixes and cleanup; mediacenter: use $MEDIACENTER instead of kodi)
  • #0103, 03-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (patch: cmake: always set -DWITH_CPU and -DWITH_ARCH for target)
  • #0102, 02-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (libcec fix; 3D OSD aspect ratio fix; fix update channel listing)
  • #0101, 01-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Intel: possible black screen fix; wait for network after suspend; Enable RFKILL; bump libpng-1.6.27, flac-1.3.2, zlib-1.2.9)
  • #1231, 31-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump xz 5.2.3)
  • #1230, 30-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump curl-7.52.1, alsa-utils-1.1.3, alsa-lib-1.1.3, openssh-7.4p1, libass-0.13.5)
  • #1229, 29-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Create symbolic links for systemd unit aliases; PVR and GUI fixes; PR:11298)
  • #1228, 28-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Update lirc to 0.9.4c; PR:11283: [PVR] Fix PVR Manager crash on startup)
  • #1227, 27-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (No longer separate skin from kodi for building; AE: fix normalize volume on reconfigure)
  • #1226, 27-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (libnfs: NFSv4 and RPC server support)
  • #1225, 25-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Improve German keyboard; remember last used keyboard layout)
  • #1224, 24-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1223, 23-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Bump ffmpeg 3.1.6-Krypton; don't revert PR10446; Estuary sync)
  • #1222, 22-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Revert PR10446 due to TexturePacker build issues; clean up iwlwifi-firmware)
  • #1221, 21-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Disable vmapped stack in kernel; bump various packages; restore NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN patch)
  • #1220, 20-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Update PR:1075 with more packages (probably broken chromium); additional fixes for PVR manager deinit/reinit)
  • #1219, 19-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix stack overflow while trying to get play resume point from PVR client; bump various packages (mysql, sqlite, etc.))
  • #1218, 18-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Rename add-on function structures, remove try/catch; pvr.myth updates; libcec: don't add defines)
  • #1217, 17-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (remove the use of IAddonInterface class; fix nvidia-legacy with 4.9.0 kernel; experimental: HEVC 10-bit support)
  • #1216, 16-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors; nvidia-legacy not supported in this build)
  • #1215, 16-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.0 kernel with added TBS/DVB and firmware support; bump nvidia/nvidia-legacy, xorg-server; remove autotools, addon/game libraries; inputstream.adaptive 1.0.6; Intel: fix tunable; nvidia-legacy not supported in this build)
  • #1214, 14-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (New VideoDB schema v108; fix ldd/lib64 issue; drop guilib library)
  • #1213, 14-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix Estuary and LE Settings after deprecated infobools; remove adsp, peripheral, codec and audioengine libraries; cmake fixes (json, mmal, texturepacker); drop PR11033 in order to test PR11163)
  • #1212b, 12-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Build with updated PR11143)
  • #1211b, 12-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Estuary sync; samba: drop "strict allocate")
  • #1210, 10-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Package bumps: libjpeg-turbo, libpng, taglib, libmicrohttpd)
  • #1209b, 09-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.13 kernel)
  • #1208, 08-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Drop LCMS2)
  • #1207, 08-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Drop PR11034 due to skin sync breakage; add LCMS2 package; update latest nvidia driver hardware ids)
  • #1206, 06-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Restore PR10922 to build; update inputstream.adaptive with widevine; add temp LE RetroPlayer repository)
  • #1204, 04-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (NFS dir symlink fix; intel-ucode bump)
  • #1203, 03-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix problems with EAC3 streams (link); update x11 packages (PR:1006))
  • #1202, 03-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.8.12 kernel; temporarily switch back to stock kodi-theme-Estuary)
  • #1201, 01-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #1130, 01-Dec-2016: Generic -- Release post (Kodi 18 alpha 1)
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved #5
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Reserved #6
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
New LibreELEC.tv Krypton build #1130: Generic
(Supercedes previous build)

# uname -a
Linux NUC 4.8.11 #1 SMP Thu Dec 1 04:29:45 GMT 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

# lsb_release
LibreELEC (Milhouse) - Version: devel-20161201042826-#1130-g0ad9cf6 [Build #1130]

# Kodi version
(18.0-ALPHA1 Git:17.0-beta6-654f1b7). Platform: Linux x86 64-bit

Based on tip of LibreELEC.tv master (0ad9cf66, changelog) and tip of XBMC master (afa567b3, changelog) with the following modifications: Build Highlights:
  1. Kodi 18 alpha 1
Build Details:
  1. LibreELEC.tv:
    • linux: remove gcc patches (PR:996, 2 commits, 4 files changed)
    • chromium: update to 55.0.2883.44 (PR:1000, 4 commits, 9 files changed)
    • btrfs-progs: initial add-on (PR:992, 1 commit, 4 files changed)
    • gcc: do not abort when including host headers like from /usr/include,… (PR:1004, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • scripts/create_addon: workaround for pvr addons (PR:1007, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
  2. XBMC:
    • reset slideshow state on window close (PR:10997, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • FFmpeg: Bump to 3.1.6-Krypton-Beta6 (PR:10992, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [estuary] sync (PR:11014, 1 commit, 38 files changed)
    • bump to v18.0 alpha 1 (PR:11015, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • Use DRM as a fallback if not on X11 for VAAPI (PR:10922, 1 commit, 2 files changed)
    • Quell some warnings (PR:11010, 10 commits, 15 files changed)
    • use video disptime only in case video is running (PR:11018, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [cmake] Win-Binary-Addon fixes + Handle "select" as setting type for binary addons (PR:10875, 3 commits, 2 files changed)
    • [binary-addons/win32] Add support for MSYS/MinGW (PR:10964, 4 commits, 12 files changed)
    • Fixes and code improvements from game branch (PR:11013, 8 commits, 7 files changed)
    • [lang][kodi.core] automatic syntax corrections for the en_GB language file (fe8b16fa)
  3. kodi-theme-Estuary:
  4. pvr.vbox:
    • Fixed yet more Coverity issues (#163) (4bc6f1e1)
  5. Additional commits/pull requests/changes not yet merged upstream:
    • Added: [env] PR:1008: kodi: bump to 17.0-beta6-654f1b7
    • Reverted: [env] PR:1004: gcc: do not abort when including host headers like from /usr/include, just ignore them
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
I've just done a fresh install using the USB-Creator and then updating to this build. However I can't see chromium in the program add on list. It's not there. Any ideas?
(2016-12-01, 09:41)atoulmin Wrote: I've just done a fresh install using the USB-Creator and then updating to this build. However I can't see chromium in the program add on list. It's not there. Any ideas?

I suspect you'll need to wait for the 8.1 repository to be updated in a few days. You could try going back to #1115 and seeing if that will allow you to install Chromium from the 8.0 repository, but you may experience issues when upgrading to these later gcc-6.2 based builds (hence why the add-on repository version had to be bumped).
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Ok sounds good, theirs no link to download a zip file with the updated chromium?
No, I don't build Chromium (it's a nightmare to build it) - you'll need to get it from the repo/wait.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Ok great
Build (#1130) seems fine...Solved SAMBA problem ( started @ 3 weeks ago) by changing all sources to zeroconfig (uses IP:445) instead of server name. Had to find and replace all paths in mysql db. ( OSX use Sequel Pro...export db...find and replace...import db)

The Amazon addon connects to Amazon and shows selections. Will not stream..

ERROR: AddOnLog: InputStream Adaptive: Unable to handle decryption. Unsupported!
CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [http://e13eventdashs3us-a.akamaihd.net/d/1$AOAG$

Thank you
First born Atomic Generation.
Could someone point me to main differences between v17 vs v18 ?
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