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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
Same problem on my intel nuc. Went back to #0331 and everything works again.

(2017-04-11, 09:51)robo989 Wrote:
(2017-04-11, 04:08)Milhouse Wrote: What issue would that be?

Sorry that was a dreadful post with no detail/log at all as got distracted.
The issue I believe is the delay in negotiating a network connection after a reboot.
The issue is no present on official Libreelec 8 or 7.95.x.
If one tries to access a video on an smb share before the network is up (seems to take 20-30 seconds after reboot and at home menu), a hard lock occurs.
A further reboot does not resolve the network connection -at all. Resulting in "invalid argument" for accessing the shares directly.
Only way to "fix" issues is to power down and disconnect from network by removing power cord then back on again.
Issue appears again after reboot.

Basically the network many times longer to be negotiated after a reboot.
This is on an intel nuc6cays so would expect it's being witnessed by anyone on a kaby lake/apollo lake nuc.
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