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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-04-24, 21:33)sw4y Wrote: Just my interest - are there any news on smb-sharing?

It works for me with (almost) latest build #0421 - using only smb.conf but it's not possible to add any shares from libreelec (where WORKGROUP is set).

When setting client max protocol = SMB1, SMB Shares from Workgroup are possible again.

I don't really care cause I'm using a sql database, but are there any differences in using smb3 or smb1?

My server is a WHS 2011 which is using smb 2.1 i think, so smb3 is not even supposed to work...

Would be nice if someone could bring some light into this whole thing.

I'm aware of two issues with Samba4:

1) Anonymous access is broken/not supported by Kodi and Samba4, so configure your Windows shares with a username and password, then set the username/password in passwords.xml.
2) There are occasional GUI lockups due to some sort of race condition, no solution as yet.

If your server doesn't properly support SMB3 then you'll need to force SMB1 (or maybe SMB2?) as your maximum client protocol. Perhaps eventually this will be handled by a GUI setting. We're currently forcing the max version otherwise Samba4 will continue to connect clients using NT1 which is a much older protocol (supported by Windows NT). SMB2/SMB3 should result in better performance than NT1/SMB1 due to improved async io.

Microsoft are deprecating SMB1 and warning/encouraging users to stop using it as it's a security can of worms.
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