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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-05-12, 21:27)Milhouse Wrote:
(2017-05-11, 19:14)kafisc Wrote:
(2017-05-11, 19:10)Milhouse Wrote: @kafisc thanks, would be great if @Soulplayer could confirm that. Thing is, there's nothing immediately obvious in #0403 but tomorrow I can try creating some test builds with various #0403 commits reverted (not enough time today).
Thank you so much for your great effort!
I'm looking forward to test the test builds.

I've uploaded several builds, one for each change relative to #0402.

Just to be thorough I've included builds with changes that should in theory have no effect whatsoever.

Can you test them in turn and identify which is the first one with the playback issue?

#0512b is the baseline build, and should be equivalent to #0402 (at least in terms of Kodi functionality) so shouldn't have any issue:

#0512b: baseline

Of the 9 pull requests that merged in #0403, I have uploaded 7 builds - at least one of them should have the playback issue:

#0512c: +PR11649 Add browse for subtitle action
#0512d: +PR11893 [windows] use wmic qfe instead of powershell to check if hotfix is installed
#0512e: +PR11925 Copyright header update for games, joysticks and RetroPlayer
#0512f: +PR11926 [Clean up] Removing white space, unused variables and methods
#0512g: +PR11901 [droid] Add leanback recommendation and search
#0512h: +PR11928 Fix syntax for links (PR:11928, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
#0512i: +PR9098 [depends] Bump samba-gplv3 to version 4.0.26

The following two PRs were already present in #0402/#0512b so shouldn't be the cause (and don't require a test build):

PR11923 [rbpi] Make sure we strip binaries in Release build (
PR11921 estuary fix watched status for videos

Thank's for the test-builds. Here are the results:

#0512b no issue
#0512c no issue
#0512d no issue
#0512e no issue
#0512f no issue
#0512g file is not playing the first time - debug log:
#0512h not playing
#0512i not playing
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