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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-06-17, 14:10)magao Wrote:
(2017-06-17, 09:43)fritsch Wrote: hi10p has nothing to do with hevc. Hi10p is the academic anime format, which no hw decoder supports. Also from the log VAAPI is used.

Not sure what you mean there, since there is definitely a 10-bit HEVC profile, which this file is using - hevc (Main 10) and the codec used is ff-hevc (SW) instead of ff-hevc-vaapi (HW) which I get with hevc (Main). That is presumably the whole point of your hevc10ffmpeg31 branch, so I'm very confused by your comment.

I know that nothing will do hardware decoding of h.264 (Main 10).

I thought that my GPU was capable of decoding 10-bit HEVC, but I might have misremembered according to 229096 (thread) and 230991 (thread). I can't see anythign in the debug log indicating what formats it should be able to decode - it might be hidden amongst all the various graphics capabilities listed.

I think fritsch was referring to the use of "Hi10p" phrasing - which is used to describe the dreaded 10 bit H264 4:2:0 anime format - which has zero hardware decoding support.

10 bit HEVC as used in domestic situations (i.e. 4:2:0) is usually referred to as "HEVC Main 10" - not "Hi10p" (as it is a main, not high, HEVC profile?).
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