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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
New Leia build #0627: Generic
(Supercedes previous build)

# uname -a
Linux NUC 4.11.7 #1 SMP Tue Jun 27 21:05:23 BST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

# lsb_release
LibreELEC (Milhouse) - Version: devel-20170627210400-#0627-g1196fc5 [Build #0627]

# Kodi version
(18.0-ALPHA1 Git:423072a). Platform: Linux x86 64-bit

Based on tip of master (1196fc52, changelog) and tip of XBMC master (e940fa16, changelog) with the following modifications: Build Highlights:
  1. [vfs] change addon interface to new C++ style
Build Details:
    • system-tools: bump p7zip and unrar (PR:1731, 3 commits, 4 files changed)
  2. XBMC:
    • [network] fix CID 1364572 - ensure we're not leaking the ipv6 test socket (PR:12337, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [cleanup] Remove HAS_FILESYSTEM (PR:12350, 1 commit, 4 files changed)
    • Nuke u16string and u32string own implementation (PR:12293, 2 commits, 4 files changed)
    • [fix][Take II] Nuke 'libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile' warnings and optimize images (PR:12345, 37 commits, 1207 files changed)
    • Rework OS screen saver handling (PR:12342, 10 commits, 20 files changed)
    • [cleanup] Cleanup system.h unused defines (PR:12347, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • [vfs] change addon interface to new C++ style (PR:12356, 1 commit, 18 files changed)
    • [fix][pictures] CID 77607: prevent buffer overflow (PR:12369, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • DBus refactoring (PR:12371, 13 commits, 16 files changed)
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