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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
Ahhh, just back from holiday and running into 3 problems at the same time.

This one:
(2017-07-15, 11:35)qwerty0987654321 Wrote: Milhouse,

pls consider including in your build workaround patch
for issue, at least until it's fixed properly.

And this one:

(2017-07-19, 00:04)Milhouse Wrote:
(2017-07-18, 20:13)illiac4 Wrote: Milhouse: Is Nvidia fix planed for the problem that you have also experienced (black screen when sync to display is selected)?


I've opened a ticket.

And this one:

(2017-07-23, 19:26)debutanker Wrote: With new build #0722 i noticed some problems when switching live tv channels on my intel kaby lake nuc.
It seems, that this problems only occur with 1080i material - when switching to a 1080i channel, the channel osd is flickering some seconds then i get some seconds a black screen and only then the tv picture.
With other material (sd and hd720p) everything is very smooth and fast.

It's hard to see what problem is what at the moment.
Any advise on how I can support on solving these, or are there enough log files allready and should I stay with build 0709 for now to solve at least the last two?

Other question:
One of my htpc's is having troubles with it's videocard that needs to be replaced. What would be the best suggestion in long terms: AMD or Nvidia?

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