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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-08-04, 12:15)Celox Wrote: Short feedback on the samba issues i had.

I fixed the samba shares access to the kodi box by rebasing the samba.conf.sample to my network environment.
The "browse windows network" is still broken. Definitly a LibreElec issue as it works on stable LE.

Tripple checked all my smb.conf on my NAS and it's definitely not my NAS as it works from all Windows Clients in my House and when using stable LE.
For now i will use the "add network location" feature as a workaround which works flawless.

Yeah, it's funny. Browse network works for me with these test Samba4 builds, so long as the SMB1/NT1 protocol is supported by the master browser. As soon as SMB1/NT1 is disabled on the master browser then Samba loses the ability to browse the network.

It's also possible that setting "client max protocol" (on the LE client) to anything other than SMB1 will break browsing, and as these test builds now default to the highest supported protocol (SMB3) then forcing SMB1 may restore browsing (no promises). However, leaving SMB1 enabled on the server is generally considered to be a significant security risk.

LE8 can browse your network because the only protocol LE8 supports is SMB1, and LE8 would stop browsing and connecting if you were to disable SMB1 support on the server. Note that LE 8.2 will switch to Samba 4 (available shortly after Kodi 17.4 is released) and will default to SMB3 just like these LE9 test builds.
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