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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-08-11, 01:31)Milhouse Wrote: @rudrood there's no alternative driver for AMD.

You said here that you've had a problem since #0710, and that #0709 "fixes the problem" - are you still happy with #0709 or is this a different problem that you see in #0709? Obviously you should be able to use the latest builds but knowing that #0709 is working normally is good information and would suggest the driver is not the issue.

If #0709 is still good but #0710 has issues then in all likelihood the problem is the VPUpdate and I would suggest you add your details to (or even open a new ticket as your issues are more severe than the so far unsolved Nvidia "adjust refresh rate" problem).

Thanks Milhouse for thinking with me.
You're right about my comment that 0709 was oke. The problem is that the error is random or after some time, and I think I was lucky at the moment I wrote the comment.
Today I stress tested 0709 with the setting: adjust display refresh rate at start/stop. Most of the time it works oke, but I found a way to sort of reproduce the problem.
1 out of a few times the pc restarts or stalls when I open a certain playlist in Youtube. As a matter of fact I ran into this ages ago (2017-03-31) but then it wasn't happening with the stock Estaury but only with the Estaury mod skin.
Problem is that I can't create a debug log cause the pc fully locks or restarts.
What I can provide is a crashlog, but I doubt if this is off any help as far as I can see.

Problem doesn't occour when adjust display refresh rate is off.


Edit: Checked, the problem at 2017-03-31 was also a pc with AMD card.
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