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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-09-05, 09:02)Milhouse Wrote:
(2017-09-05, 07:43)ksooo Wrote: Come on, don't shoot the messenger. Sometimes we're moving quite fast and simply forget to document progress in all relevant channels. I did the testing of the reworked PR on Sunday between breakfast and 12:00, while the rest of my family was out. I simply had no time to report my findings everywhere and it seems that fernet was in the same situation. But hey, no drama. Just keep on testing video PRs, okay? ;-)

I'm not having a go at you, but what I am saying is that with the current level of engagement from the developer there's really no point in testing his stuff - I've got better things to do with my time than waste it providing bug reports that aren't even acknowledged (Slack, trac, wherever). Anything he merges will be tested of course, by the guys in this thread, but if it's broken then we just wait until someone else reports it again on Ubuntu or Windows or whatever platform he does choose to support because we know he's not interested in LibreELEC bug reports. It's not ideal, but that's the situation we're in, and I'm past the point of caring about his shit.

Maybe we forgot to say: please. Wink
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