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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-09-13, 02:21)WaVe_99 Wrote: You are right, working as you described. I need 100%dimming (completely black) - cause of plasma TV (burning risk).
If you want 100% dimming/completely black, then use the "Black" screensaver - I guess that's why "Dim" only goes down to 20% (ie. 80% black).

(2017-09-13, 02:21)WaVe_99 Wrote: I dont want to bother you, but are the energy saving settings (power) working for you? For me its broken, the screen is set off after 5 minutes (my setttings) but immediately wake up again... Tested with default Estuary skin.

Yes, energy saving settings are working normally for me. I have "Dim" set for 3 minutes and "Put display to sleep after idle" set for 15 minutes, and no issues. "Suspend" is also working. Tested on Skylake NUC and Revo3700 with ION2.

Having the screen re-enable immediately might be down to an add-on, or possibly Bluetooth, so check your controllers. Test with "clean" (ie. default) settings to see if it still happens, if not add back your addons/controllers until you can reproduce.

See if there's anything in the debug log that indicates why the screen is being re-enabled.
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