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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-11-15, 19:27)Milhouse Wrote:
(2017-11-15, 13:08)xxxnelly Wrote: Hi Milhouse, 

I am using a shared tvheadend server for all my 3 Kodi clients, this is in the loft and so I don't use addon - so its defo not that.
After alot of trial and error I found the breaking build - its build #0124, the last working one is #0117. I assume it will be the kernel update then or what more info would confirm the issue?  


#0124, 24-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (New 4.9.5 kernel; libcec, libnfs, kodi updates; updated media_build package)
#0117, 18-Jan-2017: Generic -- Release post (Bump e2fsprogs and populatefs; default to CONFIG_TCP_CONG_BBR; disable ADSP support)

Difficult to say for sure, lots of changes in #0124, but minor kernel bumps don't usually cause too many issues. Maybe this is more likely:
(2017-01-24, 23:50)Milhouse Wrote:  
  1. XBMC:
    • [PVR][Settings] Remove 'hide connection lost warning' setting and code. (PR:11500, 1 commit, 5 files changed)
The issue is also introduced between libreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.95.1.tar and libreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.95.2.tar, and I have to agree that there were no kernel changes between these builds...

More research shows that if you check the changes with your builds....
and the 7.95.1/2 builds

within Kodi there is a hand full but I think the most likely is...
[PVR] PVR Manager/Clients: Fix stop playback on addon uninstallation. (PR:11515, 1 commit, 2 files changed)

As I said on my windows laptop running latest Kodi (similar build to one in your build) this works, but after reviewing the logs in more detail I see some differences. I see one log line in my libreelec builds that I don't see in my windows build. 
11:05:55.586 T:140681540462336   DEBUG: PVRManager - Stop - stopping PVR playback

And this is the message is in the changed method highlighted above - Is it possible to do a build for me with this change reverted - it would take hours and hours for me to do a build otherwise.  

Frontend : OpenELEC PVR runnig on Acer Revo 3700
Backend : Ubuntu 11.10 running with TVHeadend 1 x DVB-T, 1 x Dual DVB-S2
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