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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-01-01, 17:49)xen0x Wrote:
(2018-01-01, 04:32)wheemer Wrote:
(2017-12-31, 08:28)Milhouse Wrote: You can enable the option by running the following commands:
wget -q -O/storage/.config/system.d/kodi.service && systemctl daemon-reload && reboot

However as this is a non-standard and currently unsupported setting, if you have issues please start a new thread.

We're not sure how best to integrate this change (if at all) in LibreELEC, as it may not not be suitable for all hardware.   
 Well it is suitable for AMD graphics, it fixed all the problems I was having with tearing... Doesn't have any affect on Nvidia in my test machine.  
 On my Kabini setting MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.5 solved the tearing issue, but caused flickering.
Both seems to be fixed with MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.3COMPAT 
 I wasn't able to pinpoint which build introduced the diagonal tearing I mentioned with VDPAU enabled, but I can confirm that his fixed it on build #0101.
No more tearing what so ever with VDPAU enabled.

Thanks for finding this xen0x!
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