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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-02-18, 05:47)toasterboy1 Wrote: Anyone else having problems with DVD playback? Tried searching the thread but did not come up with anything. Currently on build 215 but updating to 217 as I type. Have tried with internal and USB drive. I do not currently have a debug log but can get one if it will help the project. Just do not want to take up space for something if everyone is aware it does not work.

Update: Gets hung up trying to load main menu. Turning off VDPAU seems to fix the problem.

I can reproduce an issue with a DVD ISO test disc I use (streamed over smb:// or from local HDD, it makes no difference), which seems to be VDPAU HW decode related.

It's the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy "extras" disc which consists of a two page menu, from which you can play various short videos.

With VDPAU HW decode enabled, videos played from the first menu page will end normally, returning to the menu, but extras played from the second page remain permanently on a black screen at end of playback and never return to the second menu page (GUI is still working, "stop" from remote will end playback). Disabling VDPAU HW decode fixes the issue. This issue is present in LE 8.2.3 so it's also in Kodi 17, is reproducible in Ubuntu with latest Kodi master and Radeon R7 250E with VDPAU HW enabled, so is not specific to these builds (or even LibreELEC). You might want to see when your VDPAU issue started.

Intel NUC with VAAPI HW encode enabled and lastest test build has no issue with either menu, everything is normal, so this seems specific to VDPAU HW decode.

While testing the same ISO on RPi2 with latest test build the second menu page is not working at all when either OMX or MMAL is enabled. I can navigate to it from the first menu page but cannot navigate within the second menu page - the menu selection cannot be changed ("STOP" on the remote will end "playback" of the menu). This problem starts with #0613 so probably due to the VideoPlayer changes as ffmpeg in LE didn't bump in #0613 (still ffmpeg-3.3.1).

If both OMX and MMAL are disabled then the second menu can be navigated successfully. The second menu is working normally with LibreELEC 8.2.3/Kodi 17.6, with OMX disabled/MMAL enabled, or both disabled, but not OMX enabled/MMAL disabled (second menu page appears, but menu item selector doesn't appear although menu can still be navigated blind).

Edit: On RPi2 with #0217, videos from the first menu page appear as a black screen (while audio can be heard) with MMAL enabled or both OMX and MMAL disabled. With OMX enabled and MMAL disabled, the video appears but is very stuttery. Odd.

I may try and upload this 7.5GB DVD ISO somewhere if anyone wants to test it/investigate (PM me, it will take a couple of days to upload unfortunately, and disk space is also at a premium).
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