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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-03-11, 02:31)turboleak Wrote: I'm experiencing two issues on an intel nuc ( 3050 CPU ) since release 0127. Release 0126 does not exhibit these two issues, 0127 and all other releases after that have the same two issues. I have tested this on two equal nuc's as well as one msi and one gigabyte unit also with 3050 CPU.

The issues:
 - when playing a 3D movie with VAAPI enabled ( 1080p HSBS MKV ) Kodi crashes ( or video is black but subtitles and sound work ). I have tried several different 3D 1080p HSBS movies and it happens on all of them. Normal 1080p non-3D movies play ok.
 - when disabling VAAPI acceleration, the 3D movies play, but there is no 3D. Image is displayed as if it was being played in 2D. Pressing ok to see the overlaying video player menus shows the menus in 3D, but the video has no depth and also it is not blurred, it's just like if the "view in 2D option" was selected ( obviously it isn't ).

Besides the milhouse builds that enabled me to track the issue to version 0127 I have also compiled my own builds with different gcc tunables and the same problem happens on the daily builds that I do for myself.

Thanks - you'll probably now need to open a ticket on as it's the only way this particular developer will take an interest.
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