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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-04-18, 12:27)debutanker Wrote: As you guys always have more than only a few minutes for us, i will find of course some minutes for you!
Tested with several values and first value which works for me is "64000".
Awesome, thanks a lot for the tests! So, if I understand you correctly, 64000 and higher values work, but values below 64000 break the remote?

It would be great if you could do two (hopefully last for now) tests on #0416: post the "ir-ctl -r" outputs of a buttonpress, once when using the working (64000) ir-ctl -t value, and once when using a non-working value (63000, 60000, whatever you noticed didn't work).
Quote:Edit: would be nice, if my mce receiver shows the same "snappy" behavior as my NUC receiver now does. 
Interesting. Which receiver are you using on the NUC (post the ir-keytable output)? The typically used ite-cir should give about the same performance as mceusb receivers - at least they both default to a 100ms timeout which is one of the factors regarding "snappiness". Are you also using the Harmony / RC6 remote there?

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