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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
@Busta.rhymes - couple of other suggestions:

1. Do you have a "Boot Menu" option when the NUC boots (it's F10 in my i5 Skylake NUC). Make sure you are booting with the UEFI : USB : Generic Flash Disk <blah blah> : OS Bootloader device (this is for UEFI booting) and not the USB : Generic Flash <blah blah> : Boot Drive device (legacy BIOS).

2. <--- this guy seems to lose video after the video mode is switched, are you able to connect the TV to the other video ports on the NUC in case it's outputting video on the wrong port? It may also have switched into a video mode your TV doesn't support.

My only other suggestion is to return it and request a refund. I really find it hard to recommend anything Intel these days.
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