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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-04-19, 21:33)rudrood Wrote: Here's the debug log, after reboot playing the two sample files:
  1. H.264 1080p/23.976 (MKV)
  2. H.264 1080p/24.000 (MKV)

@Milhouse: Yes "adjust display refresh rate" is on, and working cause it switches TVHeadend footage. 

You don't have a 24.0 Mode - therefore it will stay on 60 hz for this video.

But this:
Quote:21:28:19.532 T:140681716432256 DEBUG: display width: 1920 vs video width: 1920
21:28:19.532 T:140681716432256 DEBUG: display fps: 23.977369 vs video fps: 23.976025
21:28:19.532 T:140681716432256 DEBUG: display flags: 0 vs video flags: 0

is wrong. The code tries to computer the float directly and matches too many numbers behind the "." therefore it won't match. It should try to do something like:
if (int) (fps * 100) == (int) refreshrate * 100) - that way it would only match two positions after the "."

Though - what I wonder: Your refreshrate - is that again hand tuned? It's quite wrong :-)
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