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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-05-05, 22:53)Milhouse Wrote:
(2018-05-05, 12:28)anand_patel18 Wrote: I've been reading the forums for last day and trying to understand the current state of intel linux drives and if the current kernel versions support 4k HDR yet? Is it looking likely that we will be getting HDR for x86 libreelec? I just bought an apollo lake box for 4k HDR but didn't realise it's not really supported yet. If it's not likely to be supported in LE9 then I might just get a AMlogic S912 device or something.

The Linux kernel doesn't currently support HDR.

HDR support needs to be implemented at every step of the rendering chain - from Kodi to ffmpeg to mesa/graphics drivers and eventually the kernel etc. Once all of that is done it will be supported by LibreELEC and other Linux-based distributions.

Be careful with AMLogic as (at the time of writing) it doesn't actually support "true" HDR - AMLogic implements an 8bit-to-10bit conversion which is not HDR and in terms of visuals it doesn't compare to true HDR. Simply outputting everything at BT2020/4:4:4/10-bit (which is what AMLogic does) doesn't mean it is "true" HDR and indeed some receivers/displays object to being fed this type of fudged signal.  
 Thanks for response. 

In terms of the rendering chain, what has been implemented for necessary requirements for HDR. Kodi (18 Yes) to ffmpeg (yes? no?) to mesa drivers (yes? no?) and kernel (no).

Thanks that's good to know about AMlogic. So they dont actually do true HDR, isn't that a bit misleading on all the threads that recommend it? Is there a source I can read more about AMLogic converting 8bit-to-10bit conversion. 

My intel setup is currently perfect except HDR and auto switching, when going from 1080p in UI to 2160p Video back to 1080p in UI, the video signal is lost and have to unplug HDMI in and out to get picture back. Hopefully that is fixed in LE9.
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