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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-05-11, 14:31)Taomyn Wrote: The past 4 or 5 builds I've been unable to skip back/forward any of my video media past about 30seconds, I just end up with a blank screen. I've made all the changes regarding whitelisting resolutions/refresh rates (I have always had the option "Adjust display refresh rate" to "Always"), but nothing has helped. The whole video file plays just fine, but if i try to skip for any amount, 10/30/60 etc, I get a black screen but the audio is fine. I normally have Kodi set to [email protected] (or 24 as my TV likes to show) but tests with videos recorded at 23.97, 25 or 50/60 I get the same behaviour.

I've tried to upload a log, but when I perform the submit logs and get a URL, I get a black screen again so nothing is displayed, and Kodi restarts back to the start with debugging still active. UPDATE: I think this is the log:

Any ideas?

Yes, it's an Nvidia problem - see comments on PR13824. Going back to #0504 may be the best option until there is a fix.

Separately I've also noticed that audio is glitchy for the first few seconds when starting a video - I need to try and identify when that problem was introduced (not sure if it's Nvidia specific or not), I don't think it was too long ago that it started.
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