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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-05-12, 11:26)TheKraut Wrote: Here you go: IRQ log before and after disabling broadcom wifi

Tried disabling BT and WiFi in LE first -> no improvement

Afterwards, I additionally disabled BT, WiFi, LAN and any power / wake-up related settings I could find in BIOS (incl. CIR wake-up from S3/4/5; deep S4/5) -> no improvement
Well, it was worth a shot - thanks for testing!

There's are two more things you could try to gather some more info:

Create a /storage/.config/modprobe.d/ite-cir-debug.conf file with the following contents, to enable debug logging
options ite-cir debug=2

When the remote stopped working ssh in and upload dmesg.

Then press a remote button again and check if you got new ite-cir lines in dmesg (just verify if the timestamp is newer than before) - if yes, upload this dmesg too.

The other thing is to watch the IRQ count(s) of the ite-cir receiver in /proc/interrupts. When you press a button either one of the two numbers after "11:" should count up. Easiest way to do that is via the following command
watch -n 1 grep ite-cir /proc/interrupts

My guess is that for some (unknown) the kernel stops getting IRQs from ite-cir. So no new lines in dmesg and interrupt count doesn't go up anymore.

so long,

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