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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-05-12, 12:57)HiassofT Wrote: Well, it was worth a shot - thanks for testing!

There's are two more things you could try to gather some more info:

Create a /storage/.config/modprobe.d/ite-cir-debug.conf file with the following contents, to enable debug logging
options ite-cir debug=2

When the remote stopped working ssh in and upload dmesg.

Then press a remote button again and check if you got new ite-cir lines in dmesg (just verify if the timestamp is newer than before) - if yes, upload this dmesg too.

The other thing is to watch the IRQ count(s) of the ite-cir receiver in /proc/interrupts. When you press a button either one of the two numbers after "11:" should count up. Easiest way to do that is via the following command
watch -n 1 grep ite-cir /proc/interrupts

My guess is that for some (unknown) the kernel stops getting IRQs from ite-cir. So no new lines in dmesg and interrupt count doesn't go up anymore.

so long,

I just did the tests with the debug enabled, the dmesg is here: (I did try to reload the driver at the end, with no result, also it seems the first part of dmesg from booting was already dropped). After the remote stopped working, there where no more messages.

Also the interrupt count stopped, as long as the remote  was working, the first number after the 11: did count up, when it stopped it stayed at the value:


11:       1471          0          0          0   IO-APIC   11-edge      ite-cir

So it seems your guess is right about the interrupts "getting lost" somewhere.
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