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Kodi 17 - Crash on enabling VBox PVR
I strongly suspect this crash is just the Kodi 17 version of what is documented at but here's a complete report just in case.

OSX Version: 10.12.1
Platform Mac: Mini
Install Method: dmg
Version of Kodi: v17.0 Krypton Beta 1, and also 17.0-BETA7 Git:20161202-1f9756 which is the nightly for 2 December. Both exhibit identical issues.

Detailed Instructions to Reproduce the Problem (The more specific the better):

Clear the decks first -
Delete ~/Library/Application Support/Kodi
Delete ~/.kodi
Delete /Applications/Kodi
Empty trash for good measure

Drag Kodi app from dmg to /Applications

Double click Kodi app to open it
Go to TV section, gives note about needing to set up a PVR and directing user to add-on browser. Go to “Enter Add-on Browser”.

Select “VBox TV Gateway PVR Client” Sam Stenvall - 3.6.1
Click on “Configure” and enter IP address
Select “Enable”
Wait a few seconds - Kodi crashes back to Mac OS X desktop

If you open the same Kodi app again without removing preferences, it crashes from the intro splash screen back to the desktop directly.

Other bits of information that may be relevant:
VBox model: XTi-3442 3rd Gen DVB-T2 (for Australia)
VBox software version: XTI_VJ.2.56
Note that VBox is set up to record to a SMB network drive (I suspect this is relevant)

Log files:
~/Library/logs/kodi.log -
~/Library/logs/DiagnosticReports/Kodi*.crash -

Let me know if I missed anything important!

This call:

gives the addon an XMLTV file of channels & programs. In parsing a "programme" tag from the XML and constructing a Programme object, looks like a string was assigned with a 0x0 address. This string probably belongs to one of the xmltv:Tonguerogramme members (that are strings) - all of which should be getting a valid text string. The texts which are assumed to exist are a part of the XMLTV standard, so something in one of the tags was either missing, or somehow misinterpreted.
So if you (or anyone else, for this matter) happen to have access to that XML, or another case of this kind of crash with its XML - that would help see why this happened.
It seems to be crashing at about the same point of load up, just visually. It did flash up the main menu but only for a half second before it crashed. Here's tonight's log set with XML included:

XMLTV file:
~/Library/logs/kodi.log -
~/Library/logs/DiagnosticReports/Kodi*.crash -

As I suspected, there was an empty "desc" tag there ("Dance TV") - which shouldn't really crash anything, but certainly is unusual.
Either way, I've placed a validation mechanism there (and in a few other places), so this doesn't happen again. So this
fix (after a code review) should be in there in a matter of days. I'll let you know when it's included in the nightly build.

Thanks for the quick response.
O.K, so it looks like this fix is in the nightly build, but:
Notice there are Krypton nightlies, and master nightlies. Looks like this fix won't go into Krypton, but it is in the latest master nightly build. So if you install that one, your problem should be solved.
Now, if you're going to want the actual Krypton release (when it's released), and no major changes are made in between now and the actual release, you could re-use the pvr.vbox.dll file in the Kodi folder (after you install this nightly version), and copy it in place of the pvr.vbox.dll that comes with the Krypton release (if you install it, eventually).

Just to follow up on this, the new master nightlies are working just fine and have definitely fixed the problem. Thank you!
You're welcome.
And by the way - that fix will also be in the final v17.0 release. So forget my comment about copying the dll.

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