Simple Stalker client

I am looking for a simple Stalker client that uses only user name/password and URL. I have account with my provider (absolutely legal) and I want to use it with Kodi.

Now, looking into the settings of the integrated Stalker client, I do not understand some of the settings. The client on my phone has only 3 fields - user/pass/URL and it works. In Kodi you have MAC address, Device ID, Token, etc which I don't know how to configure.

Could anyone suggest a solution to this?

Stalker client

Choose Portal 1

MAC address : put your device mac address 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX (this mac address you need to give to your provider)

Server Address : ask your provider

Time Zone - As per your location (doesn't work but better to do it)

Login: ask your provider

Password: ask your provider

Go back to general tab

make sure default portal to load is "1"

This is all you need....all other stuff leave as it is.
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