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BUG - Kodi is resetting my CEC device settings on exit
With the upgrade to Kodi 17 beta 6, Kodi keeps resetting my CEC settings on exit. I am stopping X by systemctl stop sddm, and Kodi is crashing on exit in CMediaSourceSetttings::Clear()

Debug log:
Crash log:
CEC settings:
CEC settings after Kodi exit:
Yeah, the libCEC version bump is causing a lot of issues. I have no idea why that was allowed during the beta cycle, long after feature freeze :/
I reported this bug here: . It also causes the CEC settings to be reset on a suspend/resume cycle which means my CEC adapter is listening to the wrong input for the wake-up signal.
I read through the CEC code a bit, and it looks like libcec is overwriting my CEC settings. There are numerous calls to SetSetting inside SetConfigurationFromLibCEC, and SetConfigurationFromLibCEC is called in CPeripheralCecAdapter::OpenConnection after a connection to the CEC adapter is opened which overwrites the user provided settings from the dialog.
Hmm, the CEC settings on my TV (Samsung UE46C6000) are being reset every few times I send Kodi (v16) to sleep. Is the CEC adapter (PulseEight adapter for Intel NUC) able to directly change the settings on a TV?

Waking up works as intended and the TV remote works as well, just sending to sleep keeps the TV alive while the NUC goes to sleep. Changing the setting back on the TV will make it work again for one or two times, then it breaks again.

I remember this not to happen when I only had my Chromecast connected to the TV. There the CEC settings stayed as they were intially set.

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Kodi is resetting my CEC device settings on exit00