[WIP] Aeon (2017)

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djh_ Offline
Aeon Project Founder
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September 30th.

That's when Aeon is released, and when I hope to have it finished by. If it's not finished - and I don't see why it shouldn't be - then I'll simply work to finish it post-release. I figured I'd set a date because a) it gives me something to work towards and means I can't keep putting off the more 'boring' bits of the skin, and b) I don't want this dragging on so long that expectations get out of hand. People assume that when something takes ages, it's going to be amazing, which isn't always true of passion projects being done in someone's spare time.

I'm also taking donations now. This is because I started Aeon before Christmas during a period when work had dried up. That's not the case now and won't be for the foreseeable future, which means I'm going to have to turn down a few opportunities to ensure this gets finished. Donating doesn't mean you get to decide features or cosmetic changes, but I will recognise donations as a whole by adding music video support, and making PVR a priority feature to add after release. Donations will also go towards commissioning someone to do a proper Aeon logo, as I'm not the man for that.

[Image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]

www: deadendthrills.com
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Kokonutcreme Offline
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Welcome back to these pages DJH.

Look forward to following your progress on this development to release. Images are slick, bold and eye-catching.

Can't wait

[Image: widget]
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Scott00007 Offline
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Looks great!!!

I cannot wait to give it a try!!!!
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badaas Offline
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Bring it! Big Grin
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MarcosQui Offline
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It is with great joy that I see the master djh_ back. I've never had a chance to say how much I admire your talent.

The original Aeon is a masterpiece and I believe your new work will also be incredible.



Want to know more about the skin? Liked my work and want contribute?
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Dangelus Offline
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Looks fantastic!

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SLiX Offline
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Looks amazing, I'm really looking forward to first public releases!
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BigNoid Offline
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Looks great! Welcome back 🙂
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Hitcher Offline
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Welcome back old friend.
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Rouzax Offline
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It looks really clean and fresh. Can't wait to give it a try.
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titidel Offline
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Yeah !!! It's your Aeon skin that made me switch from Meedio to XBMC! Welcome back...
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clarkmtc Offline
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Looks superb, look forward to it.

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guandms Offline
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Just need a CLEARART view
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Waltman Offline
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Looks great!!

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pettson3816 Offline
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Stylish! Holy hell, can't believe djh, the skinning legend is back in business.
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