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Skin MOD - [DESCONTINUED] Arctic: Zephyr - Advanced Launchers Support (v0.9.0 Beta)
Very slick! I love it!
#32 is asking to register for a free download.

Can you please provide an alternate link.
You don't need to register. You just need to click on "download through your browser"
It gives an over quota error even though i have not downloaded anything from the site. Mirror link would be great. Please check.
It's impossible to give you that message if you didn't download anything from that service. (or maybe it's an error)
Never had that problem without any account. but you can read about that on google and find solutions for that. I use mega because, with my experience, it's one of the less limiting in terms of number of downloads.
Maybe I wiil put the next mod on github

[DESCONTINUED] Arctic: Zephyr - Advanced Launchers Support (v0.9.0 Beta)00